Books published in Mar 2011

Books published during the month on the subject of British and Irish stately homes
(in publishing date order):

The Omnipotent Magician
Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, 1716-1783

by Jane Brown
Hardcover, RRP £20, 352 pages, Chatto & Windus,
ISBN 0701182121, 978-0701182120 (3 March).

Eltham Palace
English Heritage Red Guidebook

by Michael Turner (updating his 1999 edition)
RRP £4, 52 pages, English Heritage,
ISBN 1848020902, 978-1848020900 (8 March).

Caerhays Castle
An Introduction to its History, Owners and Gardens
by Charles Williams, Peter Herring, Jaimie Parsons,
Courtenay Smale and Stephen Tyrrell (also Editor),
RRP £30, 260 pages, Pasticcio Ltd,
ISBN 0955551153, 978-0955551154 (11 March).

A Noble Thing
The National Trust and Its Benefactors
from 1940 to the Present Day
by Merlin Waterson (author of NT 1st 100 years in 1994 for BBC)
RRP £40, 352 pages, Scala Publishers
ISBN 1857596692, 978-1857596694 (was 31 March, now 31 Oct).

Exploring Britain’s Historic Houses

AA Illustrated Reference, Edited by Donna Wood.
Hardcover, RRP £20, 224 pages, AA Publishing,
revision of 1999 Historic Houses edition,
ISBN 0749568615, 978-0749568610 (31 March).

Historic Royal Palaces: Curators’ Choice

Edited by Sarah Kilby, 11 curators from the 5 Historic Royal Palaces (HRP), discussing their favourite treasures.
Paperback, RRP £10, 80 pages, Scala Publishers, 4 May event,
ISBN 1857596773, 978-1857596779 (31 March).

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2 Responses to Books published in Mar 2011

  1. jeff Aldridge says:

    As a great fan of the Country Seat site, I was thrilled to find this link……………as close as I will probably ever come to winning the lottery! It is as though the content was tailor made for my interests…………long may you blog!

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Jeff, the blog is a bit of an experiment in trying to bring together a lot of information from a number of sources into one easy to find place, so will hopefully evolve over time with peoples’ suggestions and contributions.

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