Houses for sale in Apr 2011

British and Irish stately homes for sale – changes this month:

Forcett Hall, Yorkshire, England  ** New 16 Apr **
£5.5m, 234 acres, rebuilt 1740 for Richard Shuttleworth by Daniel Garrett, Grade I, gardens Grade II, GSC, brochure, satellite, website, photo entrance, photo rear, last sold 1938, launched 16 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Blachford Manor, Devon, England  ** New 6 April **
£8m, 734 acres, built 16th & 18th centuries (aka Blackford) for Rogers family, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, last sold 2001, launched 6 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Dalby Hall, Lincolnshire, England  ** New 6 April **
£12m, 1,050 acres, rebuilt 1856, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Brown & Co, brochure, satellite, last sold tba, launched 6 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Horton Hall Menagerie, Northants, Eng  ** New 13 Apr **
£1.6m, 4 acres, folly built 1756 for 2nd Earl of Halifax by Thomas Wright, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Jackson-Stops, brochure, satellite, website, Horton Hall (dem 1936), last sold 1998, launched 13 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Glencoe House, Highlands, Scotland  ** Probably Sold
£450,000, 10 acres, built 1896 for Lord Strathcona by Rowand Anderson, Category B, gardens unlisted, Bell Ingram, brochure, At Riskpress, Facebook, WOW, launched Dec 2010 with Mar 2011 closing date, last sold to NHS (Glencoe Hospital), Wiki.

The Ham, Oxfordshire, England – £6m, 47 acres  ** New April **
Mayen House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland – £4m, 740 acres, Category B  ** New 20 Apr **
Newton House, Somerset, Eng – £3.5m, 59 acres, Grade I, 2009,  ** Withdrawn 2 Apr

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