Houses for sale in Nov 2011

New listings, additions and changes this month (most recent first):

The Mount Somerset, Somerset, England  ** Sold 25 Nov
£3m, 4 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to the Eden Hotel Collection (owned by Sir Peter Rigby),  built 1815 as Henlade House for Anderdon family, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, last sold 1994 (von Essen’s first hotel), Wiki.

Albury Park, Surrey, England  ** Sold 17 Nov
(see Country House Rescue TV episode 1.4 in 2008 & 2.10 -2009)
POA, 65 acres, sold by Nigel & Jennifer Whalley to Michael Wilson Restorations & Chelsminster Estates, built from 1697 + additions by Soane & Pugin, Grade II*, gardens Grade Iwebsite, last sold
                                           2004 by CHA, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Homewood Park, Bath, England  ** Sold 7 Nov
£3.5m, 10 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Longleat Enterprises Ltd, built Georgian era, unlisted house & gardens, last sold 2004.

Campden Hill, London, England
£75m, 1 acre, built 1915 by Edward Warren for Edmond Grove-Hills, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Savills, Knight Frank, brochure, satelliteAt Risk register, last sold 2001 £17m (was Uruguayan Ambassador’s residence from 1950s), launched Sep 2011.

Llangoed Hall, Powys, Wales  ** New 1 Nov
POA, 17 acres, for sale by its administrators, built 1632 (1912 by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis), Grade II*, gardens Grade II, PwC,
websitelast sold Nov 2010 by Sir Bernard Ashley family to Andrew Davis of von Essen Hotels, launched 1 Nov 2011, Wiki.

Kinmel Hall, Denbighshire, Wales ** Sold 7 Dec
£1.5m (or £15m including restoration), 18 acres, enlarged 1871-4 for Hugh R. Hughes by William E. Nesfield (based on Fontainbleau & Hampton Court), a calendar house, Grade I, gardens Grade II*, Derbyshire Investments, brochure, LSH, brochure, satellite,
                                           Estate, press, last sold Mar 2006, launched Apr 2006 (auctions 12
                                           Oct deferred & 7 Dec 2011 sold), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Reydon Hall, Suffolk, England
£2m, 17 acres, built 1683, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Jackson-StopsClarke & Simpson, brochuresatellite, Bonhams contents,
P&F July, last sold 1960, launched Apr 2011 for £2.25mWiki.

The Greenway, Gloucestershire, England  ** Sold 3 Nov
£3.5m, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to the Eden Hotel Collection (owned by Sir Peter Rigby), built from 17th century, aka Shurdington House/Manor, Grade II, gardens unlisted, last sold 2004 for £3.5m.

Bishopstrow House, Wiltshire, England ** Sold 26 Oct
£6m, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Longleat Enterprises Ltd, built 1821 by John Pinch the Elder for William Temple, Grade II, gardens unlisted, last sold 2001 £5m.

Amberley Castle, West Sussex, England ** Sold 20 Oct
£13.5m, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Bath Priory Ltd, built 1382, Grade I, gardens unlisted, aerial photos, last sold Aug 2007 for £12m by Martin & Joy Cummings.

Buckland Manor, Gloucestershire, England ** Sold 20 Oct
£6m, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Bath Priory Ltd, built 1880, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, last sold 2003 by Lord Roy & Lady Daphne Vaughan £4m (with 3 other hotels).

Heath Hall, London, England
£100m, 2 acres, built 1910 aka East Weald by Ashley & Newman, Grade II, Glentree, brochure, Telegraph, Times, last sold 2006 £14m to Andreas Panayiotou (Ability Group), launched Mar 2011.

Lower Slaughter Manor, Gloucestershire, Eng ** Sold 20 Oct
£8m, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Bath Priory Ltd, built 1656, Grade II, gardens unlisted, last sold 2003 by Lord Roy & Lady Daphne Vaughan £5m (with 3 other hotels).

Bragborough Hall, Northants, Eng ** Under Offer 9 Nov
£5m, 346 acres (or £7m, 641 acres), built 1841, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, Fisher German, brochure, Country Life press, last sold c1945 to Baron McGowan, launched 31 Aug 2011.

Oswald Hall, South Ayrshire, Scotland
£1m, 38 acres, formerly Auchincruive House, designed by Robert Adam 1764, Category A, gardens listed, CKD Galbraith, brochure, Knight Frank, brochure, press, info, Country Seat, Wiki.

Tretheague House, Cornwall, England

£1.65m, 17 acres, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, Country Life, launched 19 Oct 2011.

Stoke Poges Manor House, Buckinghamshire, England ** acre
£15m, 10 acres, built 1550 for 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, formerly Stoke Park Farm, near Stoke Poges Memorial Gardens, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, brochure, satellite, launched for £13.5m, 9 acres.

Stanford Hall, Nottinghamshire, England ** Sold by 15 Oct
(not Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, England)
Unknown price/acres (300) sold to the 6th Duke of Westminster, last sold Mar 2007 for £6.25m to Chek Whyte Industries, built 1774, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Ayton Castle, Borders, Scotland ** Re-launched 12 Oct
£2.2m, 159 acres, built 1845-51 for William Mitchell-Innes by James Graham, Category A, listed gardens, Knight Frank, brochure, Rettie, brochure, press, HHA, SH opening times, last sold 1895, launched May 2011 (£3m, 31 acres), DiCamillo, Wiki.

Walreddon Manor, Devon, England

£7m, 543 acres, Grade I, unlisted gardens, Knight Frank, brochure, Country Life, launched 12 Oct 2011.

Evenley Hall, Northamptonshire, England

£8m, 275 acres, built 1740, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure.

Chownes Mead, West Sussex, England

£3.5m, 34 acres, unlisted house and gardens, Savills, brochure, Country Life.

Huntsham Court, Devon, England

£2m, 4 acres, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, website, launched 3 Oct 2011.

Cricket Court, Somerset, England

£2.5m, 5 acres, Grade II* folly, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, press 2009, launched 29 Sep 2011.

Pusey House, Oxfordshire, England ** Re-launched 27 Sep
£21m, 75 acres (optional 568 acres), built 1748 for J Pusey by J Sanderson, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, Savills, brochure, satellite, last sold 1997, launched Jun 2010 (£27m, 643 acres, withdrawn 16 Mar 2011), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Mamhead House, Devon, England
£8m, 164 acres, built 1827-33 for Sir Robert Newman by Anthony Salvin, Grade I, gardens Grade II*, Strutt & Parker, satellite, aerial, Country Life & 1955, Devon Life, Dawlish College 1964-88, last sold 2003, launched 17 Sep 2011, C Seat, DiCa, Wiki.

Parbold Hall, Lancashire, England

£9.5m, 865 acres (or £4.5m, 135 acres), Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, launched 17 Sep 2011.

Bridwell Park, Devon, England
£4m, 123 acres, built 1780 (rebuilt 1990s), Grade I, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, brochure, Savills, brochure, Country Life, press, last sold 1998 from Andrew Davis (von Essen) to Lord Ivar Mountbatten, launched 12 Sep 2011.

Holywell Hall, Lincolnshire, England

£15m, 930 acres, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Bidwells, brochure, Country Life, CL photos, launched 31 Aug 2011.

Harmston Hall, Lincolnshire, England

£3.45m, 14 acres, built 1710 for Sir George Thorold, Grade II*, Chesterton Humberts, launched 24 Aug 2011, Wiki.

Contents Auction this month:

Reydon Hall, Suffolk, England ** Auction 6 Dec Results
£0.3m contents auction by Le Grys family at Bonhams London on 6 Dec, viewings: 4-6 Dec (& 8-9 Nov at Suffolk). The Le Grys purchased Reydon Hall in 1960, which is also for sale for £2m.

Old Battersea House, London, England ** Results (& 2009)
£4m contents auction by Forbes family at Lyon & Turnbull: 1 Nov
viewing in Old Battersea House: Sat-Sun 15-16 Oct 11am-5pm
viewing in Edinburgh saleroom: Fri-Mon 28-31 Oct 11am-5pm
video tour of house/contents by Curt DiCamillo, CEO of NTS USA

The top British and Irish stately homes currently for sale, in the Editor’s ranking order:
(** denotes changes this month)

Lyons House, County Kildare, Ireland
€50m, 598 acres, built 1785 for Nicholas Lawless 1st Baron Cloncurry by Oliver Grace, Grade I, gardens listed, Christie’s, press, satellite, CL, last sold 1996 to Tony Ryan, launched May 2010 (privately June 2009 €80m), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Apethorpe Hall, Northamptonshire, England
£4.5m to £5m, 45 acres, rebuilt 1623 for Earl of Westmorland, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Smiths Gore, brochure, satellite, website, English Heritage, At Risk, last sold 2004 (compulsorily purchased by the Government and passed to English Heritage),
                                            launched Jun 2008, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Invercauld Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
£20m for minimum 10 year lease, 38,000 acres, remodelled 1875 for Chiefs of Clan Farquharson, Category A (details), gardens listed (details), Savills, brochure, satellite, Estate, northern neighbours of Balmoral Castle, last leased 2004-10, launched
                                           18 May 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Blairquhan Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland
£4.85m, 670 acres, built 1842 for Sir David Hunter-Blair, Category A, Savills, brochure, official website, satellite, last sold 1798, launched May 2010, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Yester House, East Lothian, Scotland
£8m, 200 acres, built 1728, Category A, gardens listed, Knight Frank, brochure, satellite, last sold 1972, launched Aug 2008 (£12-15m, 500 acres), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Cairness House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
£3m, 16 acres, enlarged 1789-97 for Charles Gordon by James Playfair, Category A, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, satellite, website, a calendar house, CL images, last sold 2000, launched 11 May 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Blair Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland ** Under Offer
(aka Blair House/Estate, but is not Blair Castle, Perthshire)
£2.5m, 248 acres (or £8m, 1,265 acres), built from 1105 for Blair family, Category A, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, website, Country Life, last sold 1105, launched 10 May 2011,
                                           Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Forcett Hall, Yorkshire, England
£5.5m, 234 acres, rebuilt 1740 for Richard Shuttleworth by Daniel Garrett, Grade I, gardens Grade II, GSC, brochure, satellite, website, photo entrance, photo rear, last sold 1938, launched 16 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Bedgebury Park, Kent, England
£7.5m, 91 acres (of original 200), bids by 29 June , core 1688 by Lady E Wilbraham for Sir James Hayes, altered 1838 & 1855 for 1st Viscount Beresford, Grade II*, gardens unlisted (Pinetum Grade II), Knight Frank, brochure, satellite, Bell Bedgebury,
                                           Home Farm, Foundation, book (1996), last sold 2007, launched
                                           9 Dec 2010, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Craig-y-Nos Castle, Powys, Wales
£1.5m, 7 acres, built 1842 for Rhys Powell by T H Wyatt (north wing 1891 for Adelina Patti), Grade II* (details) Theatre Grade I, gardens Grade II*, McCartneys, brochure, satellite, website, last sold 2000 (£650,000), launched 1 July, C Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Llanerchydol Hall, Powys, Wales
£2m, 73 acres, built 1776, Grade II*, gardens Grade II*, Savills, brochure, satellite, Country Life, last sold c1986, launched Nov 2009 (£2.85m; £2.45m until Sep 2011), Country Seat, DiCamillo.

Burnham Westgate Hall, Norfolk, England
£7m, 38 acres, rebuilt 1785 for Thomas Pitt, 1st Baron Camelford
by Sir John Soane, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, press, last sold 1991 to Baroness Rawlings, launched
1 Jun 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Gissing Hall,
Norfolk, England
(see Country House Rescue TV episode 2.8, Aug 2011)
£1.5m, 5 acres, built 1840, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Chesterton Humberts, brochure, satellite, website, last sold 1986, launched 18 Aug 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Playford Hall, Suffolk, England
£3.25m, 29 acres, built 1597 for Sir Anthony Felton, Grade II*, unlisted gardens, Savills, brochure, Strutt & Parker, brochure,
satellite, last sold c1972, launched 23 Feb 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Beechfield Tower, Northumberland, England
£3.5m, 6 acres, built 1400’s & 1622 for Fenwick family (aka West Bitchfield), Grade I, gardens unlisted, Sanderson Young, Strutt & Parker, brochure, satellite, last sold 1995, launched 16 Mar 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Dalby Hall, Lincolnshire, England
£12m, 1,050 acres, rebuilt 1856, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Brown & Co, brochure, satellite, last sold tba, launched 6 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Horton Hall Menagerie, Northants, England
£1.6m, 4 acres, folly built 1756 for 2nd Earl of Halifax by Thomas Wright, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Jackson-Stops, brochure, satellite, website, Horton Hall (dem 1936), last sold 1998, launched 13 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Syon Lodge, London, England
£5.95m, 1 acre, Syon House‘s Dower House, built 1770 for 2nd Duke of Northumberland by Robert Adam (after House interiors 1761-9), Grade II*, Park Grade I, Edward d’Arc, brochure, satellite, 21st Century Group, last sold 1928 (by 8th Duke to
                                           Crowthers), launched Sep 2007 (£6.95m), DiCamillo, Wiki.
Ogbourne Maisey Manor, Wiltshire, England – £1.7m, 15 acres, Country Life.
Royal Crescent, Bath, England – £3.95m, 1 acre.
Moorlands Hall, North Yorkshire, England – £5m, 16 acres, launched 26 May 2011.
The Homestead, Derbyshire, England – £1.2m, 1 acre, Grade I, brochure.
Caverswall Castle, Staffordshire, England – £2.5m , 20 acres, Grade I, website, press, Wiki.
Rempstone Hall, Leicestershire, England – £2.5m, 22 acres ** Sold
Chyknell Hall, Shropshire, England – £6m, 360 acres, CL, launched Mar 2011 ** Sold
Langdale Hall, North Yorkshire, England – £2.5m, 69 acres.
Killochan Castle, South Ayrshire, Scotland – £2.25m, 131 acres, Country Life.
Whirley Hall, Cheshire, England – £4.9m, 100 acres, Grade II*.
Trematon Castle, Cornwall, England – £700,000, 9 acres ** Under Offer
Hutton Hall, Essex, England – £4.25m, 8 acres, Grade II.
Sherbourne Manor, Warwickshire, England – £4m, 15 acres, Grade II.
Jenkyn Place, Hampshire, England – £7.25m, 43 acres, Country Life.
Woodcote Manor, Hampshire, England – £6.9m, 101 acres (was £7.75m).
Norsebury House, Hampshire, England – £2.95m, 10 acres, Grade II.
The Gullet Estate, Devon, England – £10m, 156 acres, Country Life.
Abbot’s Hall, Essex, England – £5m, 52 acres, website, last sold 2001 (£1.7m).
Kents Green Court, Worcestershire, England – £2.5m, 12 acres, launched 9 Sep.
Stobhall, Perth and Kinross, Scotland – £2.35m, 196 acres, website, launched 7 Sep.
Palé Hall, Gwynedd, Wales – £2.95, 14 acres, website, press, Grade II*, launched 30 Aug.
Great Addington Manor, Northants, Eng- £2.7m, 28a, CL, GII, lau 23 Aug ** Sold 20 Oct
Walton Hall, Derbyshire, England -£1.5m, 7 acres, CL article, launched 17 Aug.
Marske Hall, Yorkshire, England – £2.5m, 19 acres, CL article, launched 17 Aug.
Greenhills, Staffordshire, England – £2m, 20 acres, CL article, launched 17 Aug.
Poxwell Manor, Dorset, England – £4m, 10 acres, last sold 1998.
Rockbeare Manor, Devon, England – £2m, 57 acres.
Tilstone Lodge, Cheshire, England – £10m, 115 acres, Grade II, broch, launch 22 June.
Old Battersea House, London, England – £12m, 1 acre, launched 4 Mar (2009 art sale).
Shotley Hall, Suffolk, England – £1.55m, 7 acres.
Chantmarle, Dorset, England – £3.5m, 100 acres.
Standerwick Court, Somerset – £4.95m, 80 acres, Grade II*.
Kingston House, Devon, England – £2.75m, 10 acres, Grade II*, website, launched May.
Barkisland Hall, Yorkshire, England – £2.5m, 20 acres, Grade I.
Canonteign Manor, Devon, England – £3.25m, 12 acres, Grade ICL.
Withnell Fold Hall, Lancashire, England – £5m, 10 acres, for sale in 2009.
Benarth Hall, Conwy, Wales – £2.35m, 50 acres, CL, launched May.
Tidwell Manor, Devon, England – £1.35m, 2 acres, Grade II*, CL.
Hammer Hill House, Shropshire, England – £5.5m, 28 acres, launched May.
Rodden Manor, Somerset, England – £2.5m, 31 acres, Grade II*.
Woodlands Vale, Isle of Wight, England – £3m, 9 acres.
Winsley Hurst, North Yorkshire, England – £3.2m, 4 acres.
Lower Ashfold, West Sussex, England – £3.25m, 17 acres, unlisted, c1904, launch 2 July.
Througham Slad Manor, Gloucestershire, England – £6.5m, 17 acres, CL, launch 25 Jun.
Mallow Castle, County Cork, Ireland – €7m, 30 acres, website (sold to Council for €1.7m?).
Courtown Demesne, County Kildare, Ireland – POA, 433 acres (owned by John Huston).
The Arthingworth Estate, Northamptonshire, England – £8m, 678 acres, launched 6 July.
Kings Weston House, Somerset, England – £2m (114 year lease), 3 acres, Country Seat.
Pudleston Court, Herefordshire, England – £5m, 49 acres, press ** Under Offer 10 Oct
Donnington Hall, Gloucestershire, England – £6m, 187 acres.
Hanham Court, Bristol, England – £2.5m, 20 acres, Telegraph.
Netherstead Hall, Warwickshire, England – £3.3m, 75 acres.
Ffynone, Pembrokeshire, Wales – £2.25m, 34 acres.
Hensol House, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland – £4.25m, 2,264 acres.
Moor Place, Hertfordshire, England – £4.95m, 51 acres, past sale, Country Seat.
Glencot House, Somerset, England – £2.65m, 17 acres.
Teaninich Castle, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland – £950,000, 8 acres, CL, website.
Donaldson’s College, Edinburgh, Scotland – POA, 18 acres (not house, may be residential).
Letterfourie House, Moray, Scotland – £2.2m, 307 acres.
Becca Hall, West Yorkshire, England – £1.5m, 55 acres.
Crazies Hall, Oxfordshire, England – £18m, 80 acres.
Hoddington House, Hampshire, England – £20m, 809 acres.
Westbrook House, Surrey, England – £20m, 216 acres.
Puslinch, Devon, England – £0.95m (leasehold), 5 acres (was £1.9m, 7 acres with cottage).
Bargany House, Ayrshire, Scotland – £1.85m, 7 acres, Category A.
Hamatethy Manor, Cornwall, England – £4m, 542 acres, built 1800, unlisted, May 2011.
Flore House, Northamptonshire, England – £3.45m, 19 acres.
Bledisloe House, Gloucestershire, England – £7m, 36 acres **Under Offer 28 Nov
 launched May 2011 for £8m.
Cote House, Oxfordshire, England – £4m, 6 acres, launched 6 May.
Fermyn Woods Hall, Northants, England – £5.8m, 300 acres, CL, website **Under Offer
The Ham, Oxfordshire, England – £6m, 47 acres, Grade II*. ** Sold
Severn Bank House, Worcestershire, England – £2.45m, 22 acres (£2.75m Aug 2009).
Rockwood House, Surrey, England – £5.5m (was £8m), 38 acres, unlisted, press (2005).
Woodview, Chigwell, Essex, England – £6m, 3 acres, built c1851, unlisted.


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