Ruins for sale in Nov 2011

British and Irish stately home ruins and derelict houses currently for sale:
(** denotes changes this month)

Piercefield House, Monmouthshire, Wales
£2m, 129 acres, problem: next to horse racecourse, built 1790s for George Smith by Sir John Soane & for Mark Wood by Joseph Bonomi, Grade II* (details), gardens Grade I, Jackson-Stops, satellite, aerial, friend’s, plan, old photo, press, last sold 1923
                                           (maybe not sold in 2006), launched Oct 2005, Country Seat,
                                           DiCamillo, Wiki.

Ruperra Castle, Caerphilly, Wales
£1.5m, 14 acres (+16 optnl), built 1626, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Jeffrey Ross, satellite, Trust, Blog, Conservation, old photos, last sold 1998, launched Sep 2010 (Savills until Aug 2011), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Great Barr Hall, West Midlands, England
£3m, 150 acres (optional extra 100 acres), remodelled 1777 for Sir Joseph Scott (aka Nether Hall), Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Van Weenen, satellite, photos, At Risk Register, Manor Building Preservation Trust, Great Barr Hall Action Committee, Bovis
                                           (Park), last sold Sep 2003 (£886,000), launched May 2011
                                           £2.2m with 50 acres (£3m with 150 acres from 6 Aug),
                                           Country Seat (Twitter), DiCamillo, Wiki.

Baltersan Castle, South Ayrshire, Scotland
£250,000, 1 acre, built 16th C, Category A, gardens unlisted, private sale, brochure, photo old, satellite, last sold c1992, launched Mar 2008 (£195,000), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Blackborough House (derelict), Devon, England
£1m, 12 acres, built 1840 for 4th Earl of Egremont by James Knowles, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Winkworth, brochure, satellite, photos, last sold 1995, launched 2007 (£1.5m), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Braunstone Hall (derelict), Leicestershire, England
125 year lease, £350,000, 1 acre, built 1776 for Clement Winstanley by William Oldham, Grade II, gardens unlisted (Council owned public park), brochure, satellite, Council, Restore, last sold 1925, launched Sep 2007 (remarketed Oct 2010),
                                            Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki. The Council is still considering
                                            3 developers’ submissions).

Brucklay Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
£600,000, 60 acres, built 1600/1849, Category C, gardens unlisted, Smiths Gore, brochure, satellite, Leopard mag, last sold c2004 to John Buchan, launched 19 Sep 2011, Country SeatWiki.

Bessingham Manor, Norfolk, England
£590,000 (or £1.7m with a new house) (derelict), 4.5 acres, built 1870, unlisted house and gardens, Cockertons, brochure, Savills, brochure, satellite, photo, last sold Apr 2010, launched Oct 2010 (£895,000; then from May to 14 Oct 2011 £765,000 or £2m),
                                            Country Seat, Wiki.

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