House Sales Review for 2011

The most expensive sale – Park Place, Berkshire, England, selling for £140m to a Russian buyer (it was also the most expensive in 2007 at £42m)

With the exception of Park Place in Berkshire which sold for £140m in August, the stately homes sales market has again been sluggish in 2011, with low sales volumes and prices, and more new listings than sales. This trend reflects the ongoing European uncertainty and Government austerity measures dampening the economic outlook and business confidence. Many City workers are focusing on just keeping their jobs, rather than spending big on a second house. A few houses have sold quickly, being the smaller well-kept ones in good locations, but most have been slow to sell. Asking price reductions have helped in some cases, with others still languishing on the market for years.

The slowest to sell – Kinmel Hall, Denbighshire, Wales, taking over 5 years, with its developer-owner eventually giving up

The total 2011 sales figure of over £450m for over 50 houses at first looks respectable, but with the 5 most expensive houses accounting for half this total, the reality is not so rosy. Also inflating this figure is the administrators’ sale of 15 von Essen country house hotels, totalling £85m (a fifth of the 2011 total), with 10 more to be sold in early 2012. Interestingly, 2011 also saw for sale three houses featured in past years on the Channel 4 TV series Country House Rescue – Carnfield Hall in Derbyshire (sold in March), Albury Park in Surrey (sold in September) and Gissing Hall in Norfolk (launched in August); this follows the sale of Kinross House in early 2011 for £4.25m after 2 years on the market, which featured on Dan Cruickshank’s
The Country House Revealed BBC TV series in May 2011.

The fastest sale – Blachford Manor, Devon, England, in under 2 months

Certain houses have been excluded from the sales lists below, such as Taymouth Castle in Perth & Kinross, Scotland, which is being converted into a hotel and was sold at the end of 2010; and von Essen’s Cliveden in Berkshire, which has not yet confirmed its £35m sale to Ian and Richard Livingstone of the Chewton Glen Hotel. Houses that are smaller or unlisted have not be included. Further reading can be found in the Country Life 2011 review (2010) and 2012 predictions (2011).

Top 5 sales by price (totalling £235m):

1.  Park Place, Berkshire, England – £140m (Aug)
2.  Updown Court, Surrey, England – £35m (Oct)
3.  Birch Grove House, West Sussex, England – £25m (Nov)
4.  Cherkley Court, Surrey, England – £20m (Mar)
5.  Gordon House, Richmond, London, England – £15m (Aug)

Top 5 new for sale listings:

1.  Cliveden House, Berkshire, England – £35m (Apr -possibly under offer)
2.  Ayton Castle, Borders, Scotland – £2.2m (May)
3.  Cairness House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland – £3m (May)
4.  Blair Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland – £2.5m (May)
5.  Mamhead House, Devon, England – £8m (Sep)

Top 4 fastest significant sales (from public launch to ‘under offer’ dates):

1.  Blachford Manor, Devon, England – £8m (May – 6 weeks)
2.  Crowcombe Court, Somerset, England – £2m (May – 8 weeks)
3.  Bragborough Hall, Northamptonshire, England – £5m (Dec – 9 weeks)
4.  Blair Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland – £2.5m (Nov – 16 weeks)

Top 5 longest significant unsold:

1.  Syon Lodge, Hounslow, London, England – £6m (Sep 2007)
2.  Apethorpe Hall, Northamptonshire, England – £5m (Jun 2008)
3.  Yester House, East Lothian, Scotland – £8m (Aug 2008)
4.  Lyons House, County Kildare, Ireland – €50m (Jun 2009)
5.  Llanerchydol Hall, Powys, Wales – £2m (Nov 2009)

House contents auction held during the year:

Carnfield Hall, Derbyshire, England  (Mar)
(see Country House Rescue, Series 2, episode 3, on 18 Mar 2010)
Contents auction ‘Attic Sale‘ by Bamfords Ltd, at Carnfield Hall on Sat 26 Mar, 700 lots collected by former antiques dealer James Cartland, who lived at the Hall 1987-2011 (house also sold).

The top 50 stately homes sold , with a total value of over £450m, in order based on listing grade, size and quality:

1.  Kinmel Hall, Denbighshire, Wales  (Dec)
£1.5m (or £15m including restoration), 18 acres, enlarged 1871-4 for Hugh R. Hughes by William E. Nesfield (based on Fontainbleau & Hampton Court), a calendar house, Grade I, gardens Grade II*, Derbyshire Investments, brochure, LSH, brochure, satellite, Estate, press, last sold Mar 2006, launched
Apr 2006 (auctions 12  Oct deferred & 7 Dec 2011 sold),
Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

2.  Blair Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland  (Nov)
(aka Blair House/Estate, but is not Blair Castle, Perthshire)
sold for under £2.5m with 248 acres to Sallie & Charles Hendry
by Caroline and Luke Borwick (originally asking £8m for 1,265 acres), built from 1105 for Blair family, Category A, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, website, Country Life, last sold
1105, launched 10 May 2011, under offer Sep, sold by early Nov,
£1.2m contents sold 14-15 Mar 2012, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

3.  Amberley Castle, West Sussex, England  (Oct)
£13.5m, 12 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Bath Priory Ltd (owned by Andrew Brownsword), built 1382, Grade I, gardens unlisted, aerial photos, last sold Aug 2007 for £12m by Martin & Joy Cummings.

4.  Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire, England  (Dec)
£7.5m, 15 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Halcyon Hotels and Resorts (owned by Nigel Chapman), built 1508-21, Grade I, gardens Grade II, last sold 2000 for £5m by Maurice Taylor – Baron of Portlethen, DiCamillo, Wiki.

5.  Crowcombe Court, Somerset, England  (July)
£2m (excl. stables), 7 acres, built 1723–39 for Thomas Carew by Nathaniel Ireson, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Jackson Stops, brochure, satellite, website, last sold 1999, launched 30 Mar 2011 (Aug 2008, £2.5m, 4 acres), under offer in May, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

6.  Stanford Hall, Nottinghamshire, England  (by Oct)
(not Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, England)
circa £7m, 354 acres, sold to the 6th Duke of Westminster, last sold Mar 2007 for £6.25m to Chek Whyte Industries, built 1774, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

7.  Ickworth House East Wing, Suffolk, England  (Dec)
£6m, est 8 acres, 88 year lease from National Trust, with Lodge (aka Dower House), sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Halcyon Hotels and Resorts (owned by Nigel Chapman), built 1795-1829 for 4th Earl of Bristol by Francis Sandys, Grade I, gardens Grade II*, last sold 2005 by Nigel Chapman
& Nicholas Dickinson est £8m, DiCamillo, Wiki, IMDB.

8.  Albury Park, Surrey, England  (Sep)
(see Country House Rescue TV episodes 1.4 in 2008 & 2.10 2009)
circa £7m, 65 acres, sold by Nigel & Jennifer Whalley to Michael Wilson Restorations & Chelsminster Estates, built from 1697 + additions by Soane & Pugin, Grade II*, gardens Grade I, website, last sold 2004 by CHA for £4.5m, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

9.  Osberton Hall, Nottinghamshire, England  (May)
£3.35m, 46 acres, built from 1806 for Foljambe family, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, Shield Estates, brochure, history, last sold 1987 by Foljambes to Tony Budge, launched 8 Dec 2010, Country Seat, DiCamillo.

10.  Blachford Manor, Devon, England  (May)
£8m, 734 acres, built 16th & 18th centuries (aka Blackford) for Rogers family, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, last sold 2001, launched 6 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

11.  Buckland Manor, Gloucestershire, England  (Oct)
£6m, 10 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Bath Priory Ltd (owned by Andrew Brownsword), built 1880, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, last sold 2003 by Lord Roy & Lady Daphne Vaughan £4m (with 3 other hotels).

12.  Park Place, Berkshire, England  (Aug)
£140m, 200 acres, sold by Michael Spink to Russian banker Andrey Borodin, built 1870 for John Noble by Thomas Cundy, Grade II, gardens Grade II*, School 1947-88, the school in St. Trinian’s 2007 film (see trailer), CGI images, estate, entrance, postcard, side view, boat house, last sold 2007 for £42m,
Country Seat, Wiki.

13.  Gordon House, Richmond, London, England  (Aug)
£15m, 0.74 acres, sold to a British buy-to-let investor, built 1720, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, last sold 2007 by Octagon Homes to Private Property Group, launched 2009 for £25m (£15m from Jun 2010), under offer 15 Jun, DiCamillo, Wiki.

14.  Golden Grove/Gelli Aur, Carmarthenshire, Wales  (Sep)
£1m, 100 acres, bought by a private London buyer – the Golden Grove Trust – as an art gallery and sculpture park for education, Grade II* info, Gardens Grade II*, Cooke & Arkwright, brochure, sold by 28 Sep 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

15.  The Mount Somerset, Somerset, England  (Nov)
£3m, 3 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to the Eden Hotel Collection (owned by Sir Peter Rigby), built 1815 as Henlade House for Anderdon family, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, last sold 1994 (von Essen’s first hotel), sold Nov, Wiki.

16.  The Elms, Worcestershire, England  (Dec)
£6m, 10 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Halcyon Hotels and Resorts (owned by Nigel Chapman), built 1710, Grade II, gardens unlisted, last sold 2003 by Lord Roy & Lady Daphne Vaughan est £4m (with 3 other hotels), DiCamillo.

17.  Cherkley Court, Surrey, England  (Apr)
£20m, 370 acres, sold to Longshot developer by the Beaverbrook Foundation, built 1870/1893 for Abraham Dixon, owned by Lord Beaverbrook & family 1910-98, Grade II in 1990, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, website, last sold 1998, launched 15 Sep 2010, news, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

18.  Bledisloe House, Gloucestershire, England  (Dec)
£7m, 36 acres, built 1798 as Coates Manor & extended 1921 with re-erection of Hams Hall from Warwickshire, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, last sold 2003 (approx £3m), launched May 2011 for £8m, DiCamillo.

19.  Lower Slaughter Manor, Gloucestershire, England  (Oct)
£8m, 5 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Bath Priory Ltd (owned by Andrew Brownsword), built 1656, Grade II, gardens unlisted, last sold 2003 by Lord Roy & Lady Daphne Vaughan £5m (with 3 other hotels).

20.  Bragborough Hall, Northamptonshire, England  (Dec)
£5m, 346 acres (or £7m, 641 acres), built 1841, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, Fisher German, brochure, Country Life press, survey 2012, last sold c1945 to Baron McGowan, launched
31 Aug 2011, under offer 9 Nov 2011 for £5m with 346 acres.

21. Carnfield Hall, Derbyshire, England  (Mar)
(see Country House Rescue, Series 2, episode 3, on 18 Mar 2010)
£1.25m, 90 acres, sold by James Cartland (bought 1987) to Graham Oliver on 31 Mar, contents also auctioned, Cartland had bought The Mansion in Ashbourne in Jun 2010website, built from 1470, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Fisher German, launched
Oct 2010, DiCamillo, Wiki.

22.  Birch Grove House, West Sussex, England  (by Nov)
est £25m, 800-1,400 acres, sold to Dr Jim Hay by Larry Yung, built 1926 for parents of Harold Macmillan (1st Earl of Stockton), Grade II, gardens unlisted and include £10m golf course, book,
last sold 1989 for £5.5m by Alexander Macmillan (2nd Earl), launched by Nov 2010 for £20m, DiCamillo.

23.  Glencot House, Somerset, England  (Aug)
£2.65m, 17 acres, built 1887 by Ernst George & Harold Peto for WS Hodgkinson, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, Roderick Thomas, website, Miller’s hotel 2006-11, school 1950s-1974, last sold 2006 to Martin Miller, launched Jun 2011, Wiki.

24.  Hemingford Grey House, Cambs, England  (by Dec)
£1.95m, 3 acres, built 1697, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Jackson Stops, Conference Centre 1973-Sep 2011, sold by Dec 2011, being converted back into a private home, Wiki.

25.  Bishopstrow House, Wiltshire, England  (Oct)
£6m, 27 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Longleat Enterprises Ltd, built 1821 by John Pinch Elder for William Temple, Grade II, gardens unlisted, last sold 2001 £5m.

26.  The Greenway, Gloucestershire, England  (Nov)
£3.5m, 8 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to the Eden Hotel Collection (owned by Sir Peter Rigby), built from 17th century, aka Shurdington House/Manor, Grade II, gardens unlisted, last sold 2004 for £3.5m.

27.  Clermont Hall, Norfolk, England  (Jan)
£1.85m, 23 acres, built 1776 for 1st Earl of Clermont, extended 1812 by William Pilkington, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, last sold 1973, launched 15 Sep 2010, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

28.  Glencoe House, Highlands, Scotland  (Apr)
£450,000, 10 acres, sold by NHS Highland to Roger Niemeyer, built 1896 for Lord Strathcona by Rowand Anderson (2 wings demolished in 1965), Category B, gardens unlisted, Bell Ingram, brochure, At Risk, press, Facebook, WOW, launched Dec 2010 with Mar 2011 closing date, last sold c1950 to NHS (as Glencoe
Hospital), Wiki.

29.  Foulden Hall, Norfolk, England  (cSep)
£2.5m, 20 acres, built late 16th century, part of Didlington Hall estate (has its staircase), Grade II, gardens unlisted, Jackson-Stops, brochure, last sold 2005 (a past owner was Lord Amherst), launched Apr 2011.

30.  Great Hockham Hall, Norfolk, England  (Jan)
over £2.3m, 47 acres, built 1702 for Sir Philip Ryley, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Strutt & Parker, brochure, last sold 1994 by Trappes-Lomax family, launched , Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

31.  Updown Court, Surrey, England  (Oct)
£35m, 58 acres, sold by NAMA from Irish Nationwide Bank, built 1990s-2006 for Banjul Singh by American John B Scholz (on site of 1987-burnt Updown Court), unlisted house & gardens, website, last sold 2002 £13.5m to Leslie Allen-Vercoe (Rhymer Invest.),
launched 2005 for £70m, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

32.  Homewood Park, Bath, England  (Nov)
£3.5m, 10 acres, sold by von Essen Hotels (in administration in Apr) to Longleat Enterprises Ltd, built Georgian era, unlisted house & gardens, last sold 2004.

Houses of interest:

Horton Hall Menagerie, Northamptonshire, England  (Oct)
£1.45m+, 4 acres, folly built 1756 for 2nd Earl of Halifax by Thomas Wright, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Jackson-Stops, brochure, satellite, website, Horton Hall (dem 1936), last sold 1998 by Gervase Jackson-Stops to Alex Myers, launched 13 Apr
2011 £1.6m (£1.45m autumn 2011), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Ruins and derelict houses:

Hay Castle, Powys, Wales  (part ruin)  (June)
£2m, est 5 acres, sold by Richard Booth to Hay Castle Trust Ltd,
built 1400s, Grade I, gardens Grade II, McCartneys, brochure, satellite, old photos, last sold c1968, launched 22 Apr 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Felix Hall, Essex, England  (ruin)  (Sep)
£0.5m, 8 acres, sold to Mr R Sargeant, of St Osyth Priory and the City and Country Group with plans to rebuild the house as a single dwelling, problem: back wall is boundary and not allowed clear windows, built c1710 for Sir Anthony Abdy, 2 wings added c1750 (demolished 1939) for John Williams, fire 1940, Grade II, gardens
unlisted, Savills, brochure, report, satellite, old images, Filliols Hall,
last sold 1953 to Milner Gray, launched 12 Jul 2011, informal tenders
by 19 Aug, Country Seat (tweet & comment), DiCamillo, Wiki.

Ranton Abbey, Staffordshire, England  (ruin)  (July)
£3.5m, 304 acres, proposed new-build, built 1748, unlisted house and landscape, Knight Frank, Savills, brochure, satellite, photos old & now, last sold 2008 (£34m, 5,200 acres) by Lord Lichfield‘s estate to Grainger plc, launched Apr 2009, sold by JulyCountry Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Others (to be added in full in later updates to this article) –

5 more von Essen country house hotels sold in Dec 2011 (totalling £23m)
Kinross House, Perth and Kinross, Scotland – £4.25m, 78 acres, Cat A, under offer late 2010, sold in early 2011 to Donald Fothergill of First Sight Estate.
Benham Park (aka Benham Valence), West Berkshire, England – £5m, 100 acres, sold to developers Harry Marriott and Michael Fresson, Grade II*, launched Jun 2010 £5m.
Pennsylvania CastleDorset, England – £4m, 4 acres, GIIsold to Colonial Leisure Group from Australia by the widow of Stephen Curtis (by Jan).
Newberry Hall, (aka Newbury Hall ), Co. Kildare, Ireland – €7.5m, 444 acres (by May)
Ebberly House, Devon, England – £4m, 250 acres (under offer late 2010) (by Sep)
Crendle Court, Dorset, England – £6m, 270 acres (was £7m) or £3.8m (Country Seat) (Under offer 25 May, Sold by Aug)
Maperton House, Somerset, England – £4.9m, 8 acres (was £5.75m) (Under Offer Aug)
Bolehyde Manor, Wiltshire, England – £4.75m, 80 acres, launch 5 Apr (informal late 2010), home of Andrew and Camilla Parker Bowles 1973-86 (Grade II*) (Jul)
Widcombe Manor House, Bath, England – £10m, 9 acres, CL (Jun)
Midmar Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland – £3.2m, 185 acres (was £5m) (June)
Duninga House, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland – €1.25m, 48 acres (by Mar)
Rempstone Hall, Leicestershire, England – £2.5m, 22 acres (by Oct)
Chyknell Hall, Shropshire, England – £6m, 360 acres, CL, launched Mar 2011 (by Oct)
Trematon Castle, Cornwall, England – £700,000, 9 acres (Under Offer by Oct)
Great Addington Manor, Northants, Eng- £2.7m, 28a, CL, GII, lau 23 Aug (20 Oct)
The Ham, Oxfordshire, England – £6m, 47 acres, Grade II* (by Oct)
Fermyn Woods Hall, Northants, England – £5.8m, 300a, CL, website (Under Offer by Oct)
Pudleston Court, Herefordshire, England – £5m, 49 acres, press (Under Offer 10 Oct)
Castle Venlaw, Borders, Scotland – £0.7m, 2 acres, hotelCategory B, launch 2010 (Nov).
Auchen Castle, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland – £1m, 28 acres, Cat B, launch 2010 (2011).
Wood Norton Hall, Worcestershire, Eng – POA, c10 of 170 acres, hotel, Grade II* (2011).
Solberge Hall, North Yorkshire, England – POA, 9 acres, hotel in admin Mar 2011 (2011).
Chyknell Hall, Shropshire, England – £6m, 200 acres, GII, launched Mar 2011 (2011).
Banney Royd Hall, Kirklees, England – £1.9m, 7 acres, sold to Marina Shaw, GI, last sold 1995 by Kirklees Council, launched Nov 2005 £5m (Jul).
Carskiey House, Argyll & Bute, Scotland – £2.95m, 7,362 acres, Cat B, sold to Tom Helme
Lartington Hall, County Durham, England – asking £1.1m, 6 acres, sold to John and Shona Harper-Wilkes, Grade II*, restored 2012-15Wiki.

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  1. visitinghousesandgardens says:

    I could take a guess at why Syon Lodge isn’t selling and it has something to do with very very noisy planes going overhead every minutes. I remember once being involved in the sale of a house on the estate and we actually had to get a plane photoshopped out of the main picture for the brochure – it was almost as big as the house! I wouldn’t buy it, even if I did fancy a very short trip to Heathrow.

  2. UnusualHomes says:

    Fantastic selection of stately homes. Amberley Castle is absolutely stunning, but at £13.5m, I will need to start saving..ha dto double take Stanford Hall, as Stanford Hall (Leicestershire) is just around the corner and definately not for sale!

  3. adornalee says:

    Its really a wonderful post, before reading it i don’t know that these country houses are much costly. Earlier these manor houses were the house of the rich families now they become the luxurious hotel and they provides very wonderful facilities.

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