Houses for sale in 2013

BISH100 – The top 100 British and Irish stately homes currently for sale,
being regularly updated throughout 2013, with additional news on Twitter:
(click on house images to view estate agent’s photos & details of the property)

Lyons House, County Kildare, Ireland
€30m, 598 acres, 38k sq ft, Grade I, gardens listedGeorgian, built 1785 for 1st Baron Cloncurry by Oliver Grace, Knight Frank, brochureChristie’s, press, Sherry FitzGerald, satellite, CL photos, last sold 1996 to Tony Ryan for IR£3.5m (€4.4m) by Sir Michael
Smurfit (since 1990), privately for sale June 2009 for €80m,
launched May 2010 €50m, May 2012 €40m (or €32m 300 acres)
until Jul 2013, Country SeatDiCamillo, Wiki.

Apethorpe Hall, Northamptonshire, England  (Negotiating)
£2.5m, 45 acres, 51k sq ft, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Jacobean
Elizabethan & Palladian, rebuilt 1623 for Earl of Westmorland, Savills, brochure, satellite, website, At Risk, archive, last sold 2004 (compulsorily purchased by Govt, passed to EH), launched
Jun 2008 £4.5-5m Smiths Gore, £2.5m 15 May 2012, bids due by
12 Sep 2012, Country SeatDiCamillo, Wiki.

Bramshill House, Hampshire, England
£20-25m, 262 acres, 43k sq ft, Grade I, gardens Grade II*, Jacobean, built 1612 for 11th Baron Zouche, Knight Frank, brochure, CL photos, Police College 19602014, last sold 1953 to Govt by 2nd Baron Brocket, launched 12 Jul 2013, expressions of
interest deadline early Oct 2013, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Quenby Hall, Leicestershire, England
£11m, 1,013 aces (or £10m, 938 acres or £5.5m, 219 acres),
21k sq ft, Grade I, gardens Grade II, built 1620, Savills, brochure, website, last sold 1972 to Gerard de Lisle by Sir Harold Nutting, launched 23 May 2012 £12m for 1,135 acres, Country Seat,
DiCamillo, Wiki.

Hawkstone Hall, Shropshire, England
(not Hawkstone Park being the neighbouring hotel & golf course)
£5m, 88 acres, 20k sq ft, Grade I, gardens Grade I, built from 1700 for Hill family, Barbers, brochure, Reeves & Partners, broch, website, satellite, last sold 1926 to Redemptorist Order by 1st
Baron Marchamley, launched 11 Jul 2012, Country Seat,
DiCamillo, Wiki.

Mamhead House, Devon, England
£8m, 164 acres, 37k sq ft, Grade I, gardens Grade II*, built 1827-33 for Sir Robert Newman by Anthony Salvin, Strutt & Parker, satellite, aerial, Devon Life, Dawlish College 1964-88, last sold 2013/2003, launched 17 Sep 2011, under offer Nov 2012, sold
Jan 2013, re-launched Feb 2013, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.
+ The Orangery (Sold) – £2.5m, 60 aces, Grade II*, built 1740,
launched Jun 2012 for £3m until Apr 2013, sold Jan 2014.

Castle Oliver, County Limerick, Ireland
€2.95m, 15 acres, built 1845 for Oliver-Gascoigne family by George Jones, Grade I, gardens listed, Ganly Walters, brochure,
Former Glorywebsite, history, book, satellite, last sold 2006 to Emma & Declan Cormack by Nicholas Browne, launched
14 Feb 2013 via Knight Frank brochure until May 2013, Wiki.

Bovey Castle, Devon, England  (Under Offer)
£14m, 275 acres, built 1907 for 2nd Viscount Hambledon by Detmar Blow, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, website, last sold 2006 for £26.4m to Delancey & Hilwood by Peter De Savary (2002 £7.5m), launched May 2012 £17.5m, offers due by
19 July 2013 guide £14m, under offer Sep 2013, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Ardbraccan House, County Meath, Ireland  (Sold)
€4.9m, 120 acres, built 1735 & 1776 for the Bishop of Meath by Richard Cassels, Grade II* (Regional), gardens listed, Savills, last sold late-1990s to David Maher and the late Sarah Lawson (wife 1982-91 of Michael Grade), launched cMar 2012 for €7.5m with
218 acres (until Oct 2012), DiCamillo, Wiki.

Palmerstown House, County Kildare, Ireland  (Sold)
€12m, 688 acres (with golf course & club house, in receivership by KPMG for NAMA in Apr 2011), built 1872 for 6th Earl of Mayo & rebuilt 1923 after Civil War fire, listed, gardens listed, Ganly Walterswebsite, last sold 1999 for IR£10m (€12.7m) to
Jim Mansfield by Anne Bullitt (since 1950s), launched Feb 2012
via Knight Frank brochure until May 2013, under offer by June,
sold 2 July to Comber Group.

Cairness House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland  (Withdrawn)
£2m, 16 acres, enlarged 1789-97 for Charles Gordon by James Playfair, Category A, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, satellite, website, a calendar house, Country Life images, last sold 2000, launched 11 May 2011 for £3m (£2m from Jun 2012),
Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Cockfield Hall, Suffolk, England  (Withdrawn)
£4.5m, 74 acres, 15k sqft, built from mid-16th century for
Sir Arthur Hopton & 1613 for Sir Robert Brooke, Grade I, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, last sold 1997 by Blois family to
Anne & Owen Roberts, launched 25 Apr 2012 for £5m until Jun
2013, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Stockton House, Wiltshire, England  (Sold)
£5.95m, 40 acres, built 1590s for John Topp, Grade I, gardens unlisted, Strutt & Parker, brochure, Knight Frank, website, CL 1905, interiors, last sold c1998, launched 30 May 2012 for £7.5m, £6.5m from Aug 2012, £5.95m from May 2013, sold by Jan 2014
to Nick Jenkins of Moonpig cards, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Howsham Hall, North Yorkshire, England  (Under Offer)
£5m, 83 acres, built 1610 for Sir William Bamburgh, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, Savills, brochure, website, School 1958-2007, last sold 2007 to David Pratt for £2m, restored by James Perkins of GL50, launched May 2009 for £6m, £5m from
Sep 2010 when almost sold, under offer May 2013 by
Max HilliardCountry SeatDiCamillo, Wiki.

Bridwell Park, Devon, England  (Withdrawn)
£4m, 117 acres, built 1780 (rebuilt 1990s), Grade I, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, brochure, Savills, brochure, Country Life, press, last sold 1998 from Andrew Davis (von Essen) to Lord Ivar Mountbatten, launched 12 Sep 2011 (123 acres), under offer via
Savills Sep 2012 & relisted 12 Nov, under offer late Nov until Jan.

Bletchingdon Park, Oxfordshire, England
£15m, 126 acres (excludes stables), rebuilt 1782 for 1st Earl of Mountnorris by James Lewis, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, last sold 1993 to Dr Michael Peagram by 2nd Baron Rotherwick, launched 2 May 2012 for £20m, Country Seat,
DiCamillo, Wiki.

Arndilly House, Moray, Scotland
£1.45m, 60 acres, built 1770, Category A, gardens unlisted, Strutt & Parker, brochure, satellite, estate, last sold c2004 for c£3.57m with 635 acres, launched 20 Apr 2010 for £1.75m (£1.45m from Sep 2010).

Rainthorpe Hall, Norfolk, England
£2.95m, 18 acres, built from 1503, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Strutt & Parker, brochure, last sold 1993 to Suzy & Alastair Wilson by Hastings family, launched 25 Apr 2012, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Stoke Poges Manor House, Buckinghamshire, England  (Sold)
£13.5m, 10 acres, built 1550 for 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, original Stoke Park house, near Stoke Poges Memorial Gardens, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, brochure, Savills, satellite, last sold 2008, launched for £13.5m, 9 acres (later £15m, 10 acres).

Parbold Hall, Lancashire, England  (withdrawn, possibly sold)
£3.75m, 135 acres (or £5m, 730 acres), Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, launched 17 Sep 2011 £9.5m, 865 acres or £4.5m, 135 acres (was under offer by Nov 2011, but for sale again in Jan 2012), under offer.

Harmston Hall, Lincolnshire, England  (withdrawn)
£2.95m, 14 acres (+ optional 29 acres), built 1710 for Sir George Thorold, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, hospital 1935-90, last sold c2001 to property developer Peter Sowerby, launched 24 Aug 2011 Chesterton Humberts £3.45m 14 acres
(privately since 2008) Savills from Apr 2012, Wiki.

Thornhill Park, Dorset, England
£7.5m, 144 acres, rebuilt 1730 for Sir James Thornhill, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, Strutt & Parker, broch,
satellite, plasterwork, last sold 2008 by Tommy Kyle for £10m with 104 acres (asked £12m, owned since 1999, previously owned
Ven House), launched 23 May 2012 £8.5m until Apr 2013, Wiki.

Chapel Cleeve Manor, Somerset, England
(see Country House Rescue TV episode 4.2 aired 21 Jun 2012)
£1.695m, 7 acres, built from 1452, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Webbers, brochure, Fine & Country, websitesatellite, last sold 1998 by Philip Stubbs to Jean Wilkins for £360,000, launched
May 2010, Country Seat, Wiki.

Quernmore Hall, Lancashire, England
£3.5m, 23 acres (or £2.5m, 20 acres), built 1798 for Charles Gibson by Thomas Harrison, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, MSW Hewetsons, satellite, last sold 1990 to Howard Oldroyd by William Garnett, launched Sep 2009 £5m,
Nov 2010 £4.5m, Feb 2011 £4m until Mar 2012, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Llanerchydol Hall, Powys, Wales
£1.95m, 73 acres, built 1776, Grade II*, gardens Grade II*, Savill, brochure, satellite, Country Life, last sold c1986, launched Nov 2009 (£2.85m; £2.45m until Sep 2011), Country Seat, DiCamillo.

Llanharan House, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales
£1.75m, 43 acres (or £975,000, 30 acres), built 1756 for Rees Powell , Grade II* (details), gardens Grade II, Watts & Morgan, brochure (high quality), last sold c1955, launched Oct 2011, Wiki.

Cilwendeg House, Pembrokeshire, Wales
£650,000, 6 acres, excludes stables & out-houses & Shell House (received Georgian Award 2007), built 1789, Grade II, gardens Grade II*, Knight Frank, brochure, Town Coast & Country Estate, Council care home 1952-2010, launched 24 Feb 2012 for £1.1m
until Mar 2013, Country Seat.

Burnham Westgate Hall, Norfolk, England
£5.75m, 38 acres (incl coach house £1.5m, walled garden £1.5m & lodge £0.45m), rebuilt 1785 for Thomas Pitt, 1st Baron Camelford by Sir John Soane, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, Sowerbys, satellite, press, last sold 1991 to
Baroness Rawlings, launched 1 Jun 2011 £7m Savills until Mar
2012, £6.5m to Oct 2012, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Brogyntyn Hall, Shropshire, England
£5m, 234 acres, 38k sq ft, Grade II*, Priority A on EH At Risk, gardens Grade II, built 1735/1815, Georgian, Greek Revival, Knight Frank, brochure, plans, photos, last sold 2001 by Baron Harlech asking £5m with 1,445 acres to local developer, launched
20 Dec 2013 (or 14 lots, excl north park), C Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Invereil House, East Lothian, Scotland
£3m, 4 acres, built 1899 for golfer John E. Laidlay (born at nearby Seacliff House) by Peddie & Washington Browne, Category B, gardens unlisted, Strutt & Parker, brochure, last sold c1993 to Johnston family, launched Jun 2011.

Rothes Glen House, Moray, Scotland
£1.39m, 10 acres, built 1893 for Edward Dunbar by Alexander Ross, formerly Birchfield House, Category B, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, Strutt & Parker, brochure, last sold 2004 to Soheila Bramwell, launched 14 Dec 2011 £1.45m, Country Seat.

Isfield Place, East Sussex, England
£9.5m, 311 acres, built 16th-17th centuries for Shurley family, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, satellite, last sold Dec 2003 for £5m by Andrew Tillard (bought c1997) to Neil & Juliet Bellis and her sister Lucy Cummings owners of Newick Park
hotel and Erinaceous group, launched 19 Mar 2012, Wiki.

Stetchworth House, Cambridgeshire, England
£11m, 116 acres, built from 1786 for Richard Eaton, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, Bidwells, last sold 1982 by
Douglas Gray (since 1960) to Bill Gredley (owned by 6th Duke of Sutherland/Earl of Ellesmere 1883-1960), launched 30 Mar
2012, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Bradwell Lodge, Essex, England
£1.95m, 26 acres, built 15-16th centuries & 1785 south wing for Sir Henry Bate-Dudley by John Johnson, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, Jackson-Stops, CL photos 2009, last sold 2008 (home 1939-71 Tom Driberg 1st Baron Bradwell),
launched 17 Apr 2012 £2.25m until Apr 2013, C Seat, DiCamillo.

Trent Park House, Greater London, England  (Sold)
£35m, 51 acres, Middlesex University campus closes Jul 2012 for redevelopment, built 1895 & recased 1926 for Sir Philip Sassoon by Charles Holden, Grade II, gardens Grade II, Jones Lang LaSalle, website, aerial, last sold 1945, launched Dec 2011 with
bids due by 30 Mar 2012, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Arthington Hall, West Yorkshire, England
£2.95m (incl £0.2m gate lodge, but excl stables & walled garden), 22 acres, rebuilt 18th century by John Carr & extended in 1875 by Alfred Waterhouse, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, satellite, last sold 1842 to Sheepshanks family (excl
1993), launched 18 Apr 2012, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Mourne Park, County Down, Northern Ireland  (fire 18 May)
£3.5m, 135 acres, rebuilt 1806 for 1st Earl of Kilmorey, Grade B+, gardens listed, Templeton Robinson, Knight Frank, brochure, website, video tour, blog, last sold 1552, launched Jun 2008 £10m with 160 acres, £6.5m with 140 acres by 2010, £3.5m Apr 2013,
Country Seat, Wiki.

Embleton Hall, Northumberland, England  (Negotiating)
£875,000, 3 acres, built 1730 for Thomas Embleton (Fenwick family from 1780), Grade II, gardens unlisted, Strutt & Parker,
brochure, Christie & Co, hotel, last sold 1986 to Trevor Thorne, launched 4 Jan 2012 for £1.3m for 5 acres until Nov, plans to
divide into 2 residences, Wiki.

Beechfield Tower, Northumberland, England
£3.5m, 6 acres, built 1400’s & 1622 for Fenwick family (aka West Bitchfield), Grade I, gardens unlisted, Sanderson Young, Strutt & Parker, brochure, satellite, last sold 1995, launched 16 Mar 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Tretheague House, Cornwall, England

£1.65m, 17 acres, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, Country Life, launched 19 Oct 2011.

Roundhill Grange, Somerset, England
£6m, 280 acres (or £3.65m, 78 acres), built 1701, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, last sold in 1955 to Lady Dunphie, launched 18 Apr 2012, Country Seat.

Dalby Hall, Lincolnshire, England  (Under Offer)
£12m, 1,050 acres, rebuilt 1856, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Brown & Co, brochure, satellite, last sold tba, launched 6 Apr 2011, sale rumours to James Bond star Daniel Craig in Jul & Aug 2013, under offer Aug 2013, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Craigdarragh House, County Down, Northern Ireland
£2m, 26 acres, built 1850 for Robert F. Gordon in the style of Charles Lanyon, Grade B1, gardens unlisted, Rodgers & Browne, brochure, satellite, photos, last sold c2002, launched Nov 2011.

Cricket Court, Somerset, England

£2.5m, 5 acres, Grade II* folly, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, press 2009, launched 29 Sep 2011.

Chownes Mead, West Sussex, England

£3.5m, 34 acres, built 1912-20 for Kleinwort family, unlisted house and gardens, Savills, brochure, launched Sep 2011.

Others – to be added to the BISH100 list:

Castle GoringWest Sussex, England – £0.5m, 8 acres, Grade I, launched 27 Feb 2013
(under offer for £700,000 by 30 Apr, to be completed in mid May).
Dunstall Hall, Staffordshire, England – £5m, 85 acresGrade II*, launched 1 Mar 2013.
Tyringham HallBuckinghamshire, England – £18m, 59 acres, GI, launched 28 Apr 2013.
Kingston Lisle Park, Oxfordshire, England – £30m, 1,021 acres (land £8m for 855 acres), GII*, aka Kingstone Lisle, launched 12 May 2013 £35m.
The Mynde, Herefordshire, England – £15m, 1,180 acres, Grade I, launched 8 May 2013.
Brent Eleigh Hall, Suffolk, England – £3m, 40 acres, Grade I, launched 25 Apr 2013, under
offer Nov 2013.
Bloxworth House, Dorset, England – £4m, 8 acres, Grade Ihome of Martin Lane Fox,
launched mid May 2013, under offer late June 2013, sold by Nov 2013.
Backford Hall, Cheshire, England – £5.4m, 24 acres, Grade II, last sold 1946 to Cheshire
County Council for £10,000, sold 2012 to Jones Homes subject to planning permission.
Hamptworth Lodge, Wiltshire, England – £11m, 1,157 acres, Grade II*, launched 11 Jun 2013, under offer by Nov 2013.
Abbeville HouseCounty Dublin, Ireland – €5.5m, 250 acres, Haughey sold €45m in 2003,
sold for €5.2m in Nov 2013 to Japanese businessman in hospitality sector.
Gledfield House, Highlands, Scotland – £8m, 6,980 acres, Cat B, launched 8 Oct 2012.
Compton Bassett House, Wiltshire, England – £5.5m, 71 acres, unlisted, launched 2010
for £7.5m, last sold Feb 2009 £8.1m to Robbie Williams, Country Seat.
The Hermitage, Northumberland, England – £2.25m, 18 acres, GII*, launch 18 Jun 2013,
contents auction 18-21 Jun 2013 1,500 lots for £0.3m.
Burrow Hall, Lancashire, England – £3.5m, 48 acres, Grade I, launched 8 May 2013.
Galloway House, Galloway, Scotland – £1.3, 20 acres, Cat A, launched Jun 2011 £1.5m.
Ufford Hall, Peterborough, England – £3.95m, 17 acres, Grade I, launch Apr 2013.
Calderstones Park Mansion, Liverpool, England – POA, long lease, under offer to July 2013
to preferred bidder The Reader Organisation, Grade II, launch Jan 2012, Country Seat.
Dorton House, Kent, England – POA over £9m, 49 acres, launch Mar 2012/13 (not Bucks).
Brockhampton Park, Herefordshire, Eng – £3.75m, 8 acres, launch 18 May 10 £5.75m.
Bellamont Forest, County Cavan, Ireland – €1.45m, 78 acres (or €4.5m, 1,000 acres),
(was €7.5m for 1,060).
Mount Kennedy House, County Wicklow, Ireland – €2.95m, 169 acres (€7.75m Sep 2010,
€6.5m Jan 2011, €5.25m via Knight Frank until May 2013).
Nazeing Park, Essex, England – £8.25m, 68 acres, Grade II, (Sep 2009, £10m, 68 acres).
Lickleyhead Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland -£1.35m, 10 acres, Cat A, launch 31 Jan 2013.
Ashcombe Park, Staffordshire, England – £2.3m, 105 acres, GII, Jul 2012 £2.475 130 a.
Wyld Court, Devon, England – £1.95m, 16 acres , GII*, launch May 2012 £3.9m 27 acres
or £2.5m, 13 acres.
Bylaugh HallNorfolk, England – £1.5m, 18 acres, Grade II*, + farm, launched 8 Feb 2013,
under offer Dec 2013.
Warren House, East Sussex, England – £2.95m, 11 acres, Grade II, last sold c1978 to
Michael Hands by Adam Faith (from John Paul Jones), launched Sep 2013, under offer
Dec 2013.
Midelney Place, Somerset, England – £2.95m, 26 acres, Grade II, launched 13 Feb 2013.
Wiseton Hall, Nottinghamshire, England – £2.25m, 48 acres, unlisted, launched Jun 2012.
Cell Park, Hertfordshire, England – £4.9m, 79 acres, Grade II*, aka Markyate Cell, last
sold 2005 £3m/£4.5m by Valerie Carr, relaunched 14 Feb 2013 £5.5m until 9 May 2013
(2011 £10m, 2012 £8.5m), under offer at £4m by Oct 2013.
Quintin CastleCo Down, Northern Ireland – £1.65m, 22 acres, B1 (Grade II), NAMA
repossessed from Paul Neill, launch 14 Feb 2013, written offers by 14 May, photos, Wiki.
Kirklands HouseEdinburgh, Scotland – £1.5m, 22 acres, Cat BTrefoil, launch mid 2013.
Arbigland House, Dumfries, Scotland – £1.65m, 24 acres, Cat A, launch Mar 2011 £1.8m.
Pinewoods House, aka Oxshott, Surrey, Eng – £15m, 3 acres, GII, launch 2010 £20m.
Killean House, Argyll, Scotland – £5.5m, 2,000 acres, Cat A, launched July 2012 £7.5m for 3,684 acres (or 3 lots) until Apr 2014, Wiki.
Lingholm, Cumbria, England – £6.5m, 34 acres, unlisted, launched 22 Jun 2012.
Langham Hall, Suffolk, England – £2.75m, 98 acres, GII*Mar 2013 £3.5m (excl Stud).
Woodlands Vale, Isle of Wight, England – £2.75m, 9 acres, GII*, launched Apr 2011 £3m.
Broughton House, Kent, England – £2.95m, 62 acres, Grade II*, launched May 2011
£3.75m, Aug 2011 £3.5m, under offer Oct 2011 later withdrawn, Aug 2012 £2.95m.
Shirenewton HallMonmouthshire, Wales – £3.95m, 30 acres, Grade II, launched 2007
for £5m, re-launched 29 Apr 2013, last sold 1997, contents auction Nov 2013.
Maisemore ParkGloucestershire, England – £2.6m, 106 acres, GIIlaunched 1 May 2013.
Woodmancote Place, West Sussex, England – £7.95m, 149 acres, GII, launched 8 Jul 2013,
restored 1997-2002.
Bere Court, Berkshire, England – £5.5m, 11 acres, Grade Ilaunched  2009 £5.75m.
Broadwell Manor, Gloucestershire, England – £6.95m, 35 acres, Grade II*, last sold June 2012 for £8m+ to Adrian Burford of Fern Advisors.
Walton Hall, Derbyshire, England -£1.5m, 7 acres, Grade II*, HaR, launched 17 Aug 2011.
Blervie House, Moray, Scotland – £1.95m, 190 acres, Cat B, built 1911, launched May 2012
£2.5m until Oct 2013, last sold 1985 to Allan Shiach.
Richhill Castle, Armagh, Northern Ireland – £4m (including upgrade), 6 aces, negotiated
sale being finalised from Lyttle family to Richhill Building Preservation Trust.
Otterburn Hall, Northumberland, England – £2m, 288 acres, GIIhotel closed Aug 2012, under offer Jun 2013, sold Nov 2013 to Davenport family.
Auchenheath House, South Lanarkshire, Scotland – £1.3m, 12 acres, Cat B, launched by
Aug 2011 £1.6m.
Adamton House, South Ayrshire, Scotland – £1.5m, 17 acres, unlisted, hotel closed 2012.
Newick Park HotelE Sussex, England – under offer Nov 2013, Grade II*, Jan 2014 sale.

Houses that may come onto the market soon:

Castle GrantMoray, Scotland – 35 acres, Cat A, last sold 2006 £750,000 to Craig Whyte.
Hazelwood House, County Sligo, Ireland – 81 acres, listed, last sold 2006 €7-10m.

Others – under review for inclusion in the BISH100 list:

Ormathwaite Hall, Cumbria, England – £3m, 3 acres, Grade II, launched Feb 2013.
Rookery House, Birmingham, England – POA, Grade II, history, announced Mar 2013.
Glansevern Hall, Powys, Wales – £2m, 38 acres (£3.25m), Grade II*, launch 14 Aug 2012.
Highfields Park, East Sussex, England – £5.75m, 191 acres, launched 18 Apr 2012.
Harden Grange, Yorkshire – £2.85m, 106 acres (or £1.75m, 51 acres), launch 20Apr 2012.
Rainbow Wood House, Somerset, England – £5.5m, 13 acres, launch Feb 2012 (Aug 2011).
Dancers Hill House, Hertfordshire – £6m, 15 acres.
Berden Hall, Hertfordshire, England – £3.75m, 17 acres, Grade II*.
Noblethorpe Hall, South Yorkshire, England – £1.85m, 18 acres.
Royds Hall, West Yorkshire, England – £1.795m, 19 acres.
Bruern Abbey, Oxfordshire, England – POA, 6 acres, last sold 2005 for £5m (in 2 weeks).
Ogbourne Maisey Manor, Wiltshire, England – £1.7m, 15 acres, Country Life.
Royal Crescent, Bath, England – £3.95m, 1 acre.
Moorlands Hall, North Yorkshire, England – £5m, 16 acres, launched 26 May 2011.
The Homestead, Derbyshire, England – £1.2m, 1 acre, Grade I, brochure.
Caverswall Castle, Staffordshire, England – £2.5m , 20 acres, Grade I, website, press, Wiki.
Langdale Hall, North Yorkshire, England – £2.5m, 69 acres.
Killochan Castle, South Ayrshire, Scotland – £2.25m, 131 acres, Country Life.
Whirley Hall, Cheshire, England – £4.9m, 100 acres, Grade II*.
Hutton Hall, Essex, England – £4.25m, 8 acres, Grade II.
Sherbourne Manor, Warwickshire, England – £4m, 15 acres, Grade II.
Jenkyn Place, Hampshire, England – £7.25m, 43 acres, Country Life.
Woodcote Manor, Hampshire, England – £6.9m, 101 acres (was £7.75m).
Norsebury House, Hampshire, England – £2.95m, 10 acres, Grade II.
The Gullet Estate, Devon, England – £10m, 156 acres, Country Life.
Abbot’s Hall, Essex, England – £5m, 52 acres, website, last sold 2001 (£1.7m).
Kents Green Court, Worcestershire, England – £2.5m, 12 acres, launched 9 Sep 2011.
Stobhall, Perth and Kinross, Scotland – £2.35m, 196 acres, website, launched 7 Sep 2011.
Palé Hall, Gwynedd, Wales – £2.95, 14 acres, website, press, GII*, launched 30 Aug 2011.
Marske Hall, Yorkshire, England – £2.5m, 19 acres, CL article, launched 17 Aug 2011.
Greenhills, Staffordshire, England – £2m, 20 acres, CL article, launched 17 Aug 2011.
Poxwell Manor, Dorset, England – £3.75m, 10 acres, sold 1998 £1m, launch Oct 2012 £4m.
Rockbeare Manor, Devon, England – £2m, 57 acres.
Tilstone Lodge, Cheshire, England – £6.5m, 115 acres, GII, broch, launch Jun 2011 £10m.
Old Battersea House, London, England – £12m, 1 acre, launched 4 Mar (2009 art sale).
Shotley Hall, Suffolk, England – £1.55m, 7 acres.
Chantmarle, Dorset, England – £3.5m, 100 acres.
Standerwick Court, Somerset – £4.95m, 80 acres, Grade II*.
Kingston House, Devon, England – £2.75m, 10 acres, Grade II*, website, launched May.
Barkisland Hall, Yorkshire, England – £2.5m, 20 acres, Grade I.
Canonteign Manor, Devon, England – £3.25m, 12 acres, Grade I, CL.
Withnell Fold Hall, Lancashire, England – £5m, 10 acres, for sale in 2009.
Benarth Hall, Conwy, Wales – £2.35m, 50 acres, CL, launched May.
Tidwell Manor, Devon, England – £1.35m, 2 acres, Grade II*, CL.
Hammer Hill House, Shropshire, England – £5.5m, 28 acres, launched May.
Rodden Manor, Somerset, England – £2.5m, 31 acres, Grade II*.
Winsley Hurst, North Yorkshire, England – £3.2m, 4 acres.
Lower Ashfold, West Sussex, England – £3.25m, 17 acres, unlisted, c1904, launch 2 July.
Througham Slad Manor, Gloucestershire, England – £6m, 17 acres, CL, launched 25 Jun
2011 for £6.5m with Knight Frank, £6m from 28 Feb 2012.
Mallow Castle, County Cork, Ireland – €7m, 30 acres, website (sold to Council for €1.7m?).
Courtown Demesne, County Kildare, Ireland – POA, 433 acres (owned by John Huston).
The Arthingworth Estate, Northamptonshire, England – £8m, 678 acres, launched 6 July.
Hanham Court, Bristol, England – £2.5m, 20 acres, Telegraph.
Netherstead Hall, Warwickshire, England – £3.3m, 75 acres.
Ffynone, Pembrokeshire, Wales – £2.25m, 34 acres, GI, launch 2011, Earl Lloyd George.
Hensol House, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland – £4.25m, 2,264 acres.
Moor Place, Hertfordshire, England – £4.95m, 51 acres, past sale, Country Seat.
Teaninich Castle, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland – £950,000, 8 acres, CL, website.
Letterfourie House, Moray, Scotland – £2.2m, 307 acres.
Becca Hall, West Yorkshire, England – £1.5m, 55 acres.
Crazies Hall, Oxfordshire, England – £18m, 80 acres.
Hoddington House, Hampshire, England – £20m, 809 acres.
Westbrook House, Surrey, England – £20m, 216 acres.
Puslinch, Devon, England – £0.95m (leasehold), 5 acres, was £1.9m, 7 acres with cottage.
Bargany House, Ayrshire, Scotland – £1.85m, 7 acres, Category A.
Hamatethy Manor, Cornwall, England – £4m, 542 acres, built 1800, unlisted, May 2011.
Flore House, Northamptonshire, England – £3.45m, 19 acres.
Cote House, Oxfordshire, England – £4m, 6 acres, launched 6 May.
Severn Bank House, Worcestershire, England – £2.45m, 22 acres, £2.75m Aug 2009.
Rockwood House, Surrey, England – £5.5m (was £8m), 38 acres, unlisted, press (2005).
Woodview, Chigwell, Essex, England – £6m, 3 acres, built c1851, unlisted.
St Osyth Priory, Essex, England – POA, 20 acres (probably not seriously for sale; the
advert is just part of a redevelopment planning requirement – see Country Seat).
Islay House, Argyll, Scotland – £850,000, 28 acres, Cat A,  £2m May 2010 until Apr 2013.
Breda House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland – £2.25m, 182 acres.
Manor Hall, Gloucestershire, England – £10.75m, 180 acres, or £8.5m with 55 acres.
Swallowcliffe Manor, Wiltshire, England – £2.95m, 18 acres, CL, £3.5m Sep 2010, then
£3.15m in 2011, was under offer in Oct 2011 but this did not proceed.
Thorpe Manor, Northamptonshire, England – £5.85m, 226 acres, or £3.6m, 49 acres,
also Carter Jonas, was £6.5m/£4.25m.
Nash Court, Kent, England – £2.5m, 32 acres, CL article, + extra 10 acres £325,000.
Franks Hall, Kent, England – £3.75m, 19 acres (was £4.75m, 80 acres, pre 19 May 11).
Ollerton Grange, Cheshire, England – £30m, 141 acres, Country Seat.
Wiverton Hall, Nottinghamshire, England – £1.475m, 3.4 acres, was £1.75m.
The Abbey, Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire, England – £5.5m, 42 acres, GII, launched 2009 £5.25m.
Spott House, E Lothian, Scotland – £3.2m, 47 acres, Cat B (Feb 2010, £25m, 2,463 acres).
Augher Castle, County Tyrone, Ireland – POA, 51 acres.
The Woodhouse Estate, Co. Waterford, Ireland – €7.5m, 382 acres, website, vid, press.
Hollywood House, County Wicklow, Ireland – €5m, 50 acres, and Colliers.
Pouldrew House, County Waterford – POA, 45 acres.
Crosshaven House, County Cork, Ireland – €1.6m, press.
Ballyneale House, County Limerick, Ireland – €4m, 73 acres.
Beaurepaire House, Hampshire, England – £8m, 249 acres, Country Seat.
Myres Castle, Fife, Scotland – £2.95m, 45 acres, was £3.5m June.
Woodhead Hall, Staffordshire, England – £2m, 19 acres.
Kemble House, Gloucestershire, England – £3.25m, 8 acres, launch 2009, last 2004.
Chew Magna Manor House, Somerset, England – POA, 7 + 30 acres.
Marchwiel Hall, Wrexham, England – £2.5m.
Shipton Manor, Oxfordshire, England – £6.25m, 26 acres, was £5.75m.
Pyrford Court, Surrey, England – under £20m, 21 acres, Country Seat.
Mayen House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland – £4m, 740 acres, Category B.
Toddington Manor, Bedfordshire, England – £6.5m, 176 acres, launch 2010, website,
(not to be confused with Toddington Manor, Gloucestershire, owned by Damien Hirst).
Eyton Hall, Shropshire, England – £2.35m, 27 acres.
Lock House, West Sussex, England – £6m, 25 acres, last sold 2004 £1.8m, launched Jan 2011 £7m until May 2011.
Shipton Sollars Manor, Gloucestershire, England – £3.25m, 34 acres.
Nether Alderley Old Hall, Cheshire, England – £4m, 11 acres, Grade II*.
Giffords Hall, Suffolk, England – £3.5m, 50 acres.
Hinton House, Northamptonshire, England – £2m, 29 acres, launch £2.95m to Jul 2012.
North Luffenham Hall, Rutland, England – £3.75m, 6 acres, Grade I.
Keythorpe Hall, Leicestershire, England – £1.85m, 16 acres, website.
Kingston Wood Manor, Cambridgeshire, England – £8.5m, 740 acres, Nov 2010.
Talhenbont Hall, Gwynedd, Wales – POA, 75 acres, website, launched 2007, Grade II.
Noyadd Trefawr, Ceredigion, Wales – £1.25m, 11 acres, Grade II*.
Cromford Court, Derbyshire, England – £3.3m, 40 acres (for redevelopment).
Brankstone Grange, Fife, Scotland – £975,000, 34 acres, apartments plan, under offer.
Woodside Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland – £1.75m, 60 acres, at Apr 2010.
Northfield, Midlothian, Scotland – £1.7m, built 1910, Category B (showing as Sold).
The Priory, Cosgrove, Northamptonshire, England – POA, 14 acres, unlisted offices.
Harcombe House, Hampshire, England – £10m, 16 acres.
Spencers, Essex, England – £3.75m, 97 acres, Country Life.
Brightwell Park, Oxfordshire, England – £5m, 135 acres, Country Life.
Gileston Manor, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales – £1.5m, 7 acres, Grade II*.

Withdrawn (from agents website, but may still be privately for sale or relaunched later):

Invercauld Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland  (May 2012)
£20m for minimum 10 year lease, 38,000 acres, remodelled 1875 for Chiefs of Clan Farquharson, Category A (details), gardens listed (details), Savills, brochure, satellite, Estate, northern neighbours of Balmoral Castle, last leased 2004-10, launched 18 May 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Yester House, East Lothian, Scotland  (by Jan 2012)
£8m, 200 acres, built 1728, Category A, gardens listed, Knight Frank, brochure, Savills, satellite, last sold 1972, launched Aug 2008 £12-15m, 500 acres, £8m for 200 acres from Sep 2010, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Ayton Castle, Borders, Scotland  (early 2013)
£2.2m, 159 acres, built 1845-51 for William Mitchell-Innes by James Graham, Category A, listed gardens, Knight Frank, brochure, Rettie, brochure, press, HHA, SH opening times, last sold 1895, launched May 2011 £3m for 31 acres, relaunched 12 Oct £2.2m, under offer Jan 2012, withdrawn Mar, relaunched Apr 2012 after sale fell through, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Forcett Hall, Yorkshire, England  (Feb 2012)
£5.5m, 234 acres, rebuilt 1740 for Richard Shuttleworth by Daniel Garrett, Grade I, gardens Grade II, GSC, brochure, satellite, website1, website2, photo entrance, photo rear, last sold 1938 to Heathcote family, launched 16 Apr 2011, withdrawn Feb 2012, possibly taken over by Keith Heaviside & family in Jul 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire, England  (ongoing consultation)
£2.75m, 150 acres, 150-year lease from Derbyshire Council, built 1633+1817 for 3rd Earl of Harrington by James Wyatt, Grade II*,
gardens Grade II*, Council, campaign, Friends, satellite, last sold 1968 by 11th Earl, launched 2002, under offer 2004 by hotel developer Highgate Sanctuary, relaunched 13 Mar 2012 (tender delayed to Sep), Country Seat, Georgian Group, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Craig-y-Nos Castle, Powys, Wales  (by Mar 2012)
£1.5m, 7 acres, built 1842 for Rhys Powell by T H Wyatt (north wing 1891 for Adelina Patti), Grade II* (details) Theatre Grade I, gardens Grade II*, McCartneys, brochure, Fine & Country, satellite, website, last sold 2000 for £650,000 by Dr & Mrs Jones to Martin Gover of SelClene Ltd, launched 1 Jul 2011, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Cefntilla Court, Monmouthshire, Wales  (injunction May 2012)
£2m, 62 acres (+ optional 103 acres), aka Cefn Tilla Court, built 1616 & from 1856 for Lord Raglan, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, brochure, contents auction, press: 2011, 2012, NGS, last sold 1856, launched 10 Mar 2012, Country Seat, Wiki.

Playford Hall, Suffolk, England  (Sep 2012)
£2.45m, 28 acres, built 1597 for Sir Anthony Felton, Grade II*, unlisted gardens, Savills, brochure, Strutt & Parker, brochure,
satellite, last sold c1972 by Lady Aitken to Richard Innes, launch 23 Feb 2011 £3.25m 29 acres until 22 Feb 2012 when 2 gate lodges offered separately £0.5m, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Rudby Hall, North Yorkshire, England£2.75m (20102011), 10 acres, was £3.75m, then £3.5m, by Python Properties, then had £250,000 renovation 2013-14 becoming a venue.

House contents auction, stopped by High Court injunction in March 2012 by Raglan family:

Cefntilla Court, Monmouthshire, Wales  (injunction May 2012)
£0.75m, Christie’s at South Kensington in London, 308 lots, contents auction Wed 4 Apr 10.30am, The Raglan Collection: Waterloo, Wellington and The Crimea (inherited by 5th Lord Raglan‘s nephew Henry van Moyland), viewings 31 Mar-3 Apr. Press: contents, 2011, 2012, Raglan Rescue, Country Seat.

Private Sales (may be privately for sale, but not currently listed on any agents website):

Tottenham House, Wiltshire, England – POA, 4,500 acres, house leased.
Crichel House, Dorset, England – £100m, 5,000 acres, contents sales, Country Seat,
launched Jun 2011, rumoured sale in Apr 2013 with 150 acres to Texan horse breeder.
Cowdray Park House, Sussex, England – £25m, withdrawn from sale in Dec 2010.
Dowdeswell Court, Gloucestershire, England – £7.9m, 8 acres, withdrawn 3 Mar 2011.
Noseley Hall, Leicestershire, England – £12m, 937 acres, withdrawn May 2011,TCS, press.
Mentmore Towers, Buckinghamshire, England – owned by bankrupt Simon Halabi.
Le Bois des Moutiers, Normandy, France – POA, by Lutyens/Jekyll in 1898 (BBC).
Rose Castle, Cumbria, England – planned sale in 2014 of the GI castle to the newly-created
The Rose Castle Foundation.
Hartlebury Castle, Worcestershire, England – Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust plans
to purchase the Grade I castle with Lottery funding in 2014.
Wells’ Bishop’s Palace, Somerset, EnglandGrade I, now only used as Bishops’ offices and
tourist attraction, may be sold to charitable trust as with Rose Castle & Hartlebury Castle.
Haremere Hall, East Sussex, England – £1.65m, 100 acres, Grade I, launch £4m 2004.
Finnebrogue House, County Down, Northern Ireland – £1.55m, 3.5 acres (removed).
Arundells, Salisbury, England – townhouse of former PM Sir Edward Heath 1985-2005.
Rowneybury House, Hertfordshire, England – £10m, 22 acres, aka Beckingham Palace,
owned by Victoria and David Beckham.
2-8a Rutland Gate, Hyde Park, London – £300m, launched Jun 2012.
18 Carlton House Terrace, St James’s, London – £250m, Grade I, launched Apr 2013.
Cambridge House94 Piccadilly, London – £200m, Grade I, last sold Jun 2011 £130m.
12a Kensington Palace Gardens, London – £150m, Grade II, aerialrumoured Apr 2013.
6 Palace Green, London, England – £110m, last sold in 2008 for £117m to Lakshmi Mittal.
Park House, South Kensington, London – £105m, unlisted, last sold 1986 to ‘Muck’ Flick.

Other houses of interest:

Donaldson’s College, Edinburgh, Scotland – POA, 18 acres (not house, may be residential).
Eastwood FarmEast Sussex, England – £3.5m, 32 acres, Robert Adam, launch Mar 2013.

London houses of interest:

Syon Lodge, London, England
£6m, 1 acre, Syon House‘s Dower House, built 1770 for the 2nd Duke of Northumberland by Robert Adam (after House interiors 1761-9), Grade II*, Park Grade I, 21st Century Group, brochure, John D Wood, Your Move, satellite, last sold 1928 (by 8th Duke to
Crowthers), launched Sep 2007 (£6.95m), DiCamillo, Wiki.

Campden Hill, London, England
£65m, 1 acre, built 1915 by Edward Warren for Edmond Grove-Hills, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochureSavills, satellite, At Risk register, last sold 2001 £17m (was Uruguayan Ambassador’s residence from 1950s), launched Sep 2011 £75m.

Heath Hall, London, England
£65m, 2 acres, built 1910 aka East Weald by Ashley & Newman, Grade II, Knight Frank, brochureGlentree, brochure, Telegraph, Times, last sold in 2006 for £14m to Andreas Panayiotou’s Ability Group, launched Mar 2011 for £100m, to £65m in Mar 2013.

Ruins and derelict houses:

Piercefield House (ruin), Monmouthshire, Wales  (Withdrawn)
£2m, 129 acres, problem: next to horse racecourse, built 1790s for George Smith by Sir John Soane & for Mark Wood by Joseph Bonomi, Grade II* (details), gardens Grade I, Jackson-Stops, satellite, aerial, friend’s, plan, old photo, Davies Sutton, press, last
sold 1925 by Clay family to Chepstow Racecourse (opened 1926),
launched Oct 2005 £2m, w/d cJan 2012 C Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.
+ Piercefield Woods£0.75m, 203 acres, launched Jul 2013.

Ruperra Castle (ruin), Caerphilly, Wales
£1.5m, 14 acres (+16 optional acres), built 1626, Grade II*, gardens Grade II, Jeffrey Ross, brochure, sheetsatellite, Trust, Blog, Conservation, old photos, last sold 1998 to Ashraf Barakat, launched Sep 2010 (Savills until Aug 2011), Country Seat,
DiCamillo, Wiki.

Baltersan Castle (ruin), South Ayrshire, Scotland
(James Brown on BBC’s Dragons’ Den episode 1.3 aired Jan 2005)
£250,000, 1 acre, built 16th C, Category A, gardens unlisted, private sale, brochure, photo old, satellite, last sold c1992 £25K, launched Mar 2008 (£195,000), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Blackborough House (derelict), Devon, England
£750,000, 12 acres, built 1840 for 4th Earl of Egremont by James Knowles, Grade II, gardens unlisted, Winkworth, brochure, satellite, photos, last sold c1995 to Ralph Sanders, launched early 2007 for £1.5m, to £1m by May 2011, to £750,000 in Jan 2013,
Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Braunstone Hall, Leicestershire, England  (under offer)
(derelict) 125 year lease, £350,000, 1 acre, built 1776 for Clement Winstanley by William Oldham, Grade II, gardens unlisted (Council owned public park), brochure, satellite, Council, Restore, last sold 1925, launched Sep 2007 (remarketed Oct 2010),
Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki. In Oct 2012 the Council was negotiating with a developer following 3 submissions in 2011). Agreement with Naresh Parmar in Apr 2013. Contract Sep 2013, conditional on planning approval (to be submitted by June 2014).

Brucklay Castle (ruin), Aberdeenshire, Scotland
£600,000, 60 acres, built 1600/1849, Category C, gardens unlisted, Smiths Gore, brochure, satellite, Leopard mag, last sold c2004 to John Buchan, launched 19 Sep 2011, Country Seat, Wiki.

Overstone Hall (half ruin), Northamptonshire, England – £1m, 70 acres, GII, Sat, launched
2010, last sold 1980 for £100,000 to NTCG, fire 2001, Daventry Council to buy in 2014.

Craigend Castle (ruin), Stirling, Scotland – POA, 2 acres, Cat C, At Risklaunched Jun 2012, offers by Mar 2013, only bid rejected Sep 2013.

Dangan Castle, County Meath, Ireland – POA, 163 acres (+ optional 72 acres), unlisted, brochure, launched by Jul 2011, 1st Duke of Wellington‘s childhood home, Country Seat.

Smaller Houses – too small to be considered for the BISH100:

The Knoll, Buckinghamshire, England – £4m, 5 acres, Grade II*, launched 18 Apr 2012.
Orleton House, Worcestershire, England – £2.65m, 9 acres, Grade II.
Nunney Court, Somerset, England – £2.65m, 27 acres (was £3.5m).
Hope End House, Herefordshire, England – £2.3m, 26 acres (from 13 Mar 2012).
Howicks, Surrey, England – £2.75m, 6 acres.
Blubberhouses Hall, Yorkshire, England – £1.325m, 1 acre, Grade II.
Hinton Manor, Hampshire, England – £2m, 4 acres, Grade II.
Moor Hall, Lancashire, England – £2.5m, 5 acres, Grade II*.
Middlewood, Lancashire, England – £2.25m, 7 acres, unlisted.
Orston Hall, Nottinghamshire, England – £2.85m, 22 acres.
Youngsbury, Hertfordshire, England – £3.9m, 175 acres.
Croys House, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland – £1.2m, 35 acres, unlisted, launch Jul 2011.
Netherwood House, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland – £0.775m, 17 acres, Category B.
Kirkland House, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland – £1.345m, 8 acres, Category C.
Fountain Court, Hampshire, England – £6.5m, 70 acres, Grade II, launched cSep 2011.
Eastern Terrace, Brighton, East Sussex, England – £4.5m, townhouse.
Chesworth House, West Sussex, England – £4.95m, 23 acres, Grade II*, launched Jun 2012 £5.75m (£7m) until 5 Feb 2013.

Newly Built (houses built recently, in a traditional style):

Eilean Aigas House, Highlands, Scotland – £10m, 547 acres, built 2007, launch May 2012.
Baybridge Park, Hampshire, England – £13m, 27 acres, built 2009 near Greenhill House.

Planned New Builds (opportunities to build new approved houses):

Grafton New Hall, Cheshire, England – £5m, 180 acres, Robert Adam (Country Seat).
The Ridge, Gloucestershire, England – £5m, 360 acres, ‘Under Offer’ since Aug 2011,
was £6m, 379 acres, YA, CS.
Nutbourne Park, Surrey, England – £20m, 212 acres, developed by Millgate Homes.
48,000 sq ft mansion, Surrey, England – POA, 20 acres.
Nyn Park, Hertfordshire, England – £10m, 317 acres, by Julian Bicknell (Country Seat).
Parkwood House, Surrey, England – POA, 91 acres, by Robert Adam (Country Seat).
building site, Oxfordshire, England – £5.75m, 59 acres, brochure.
Wickham Bishops, Essex, England – £1.45m, 25 acres (+optnl 7), by Quinlan Terry.

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