This blog lists the top stately homes, flats and ruins currently for sale in Britain and Ireland, any books published on the subject and any movies or TV programmes (including dramas and documentaries) that use them as filming locations or subject matter. It is intended to act as a reference site for The Country Seat blog and The DiCamillo Companion database.

The current year’s articles will be continuously updated throughout the year. Changes and news are highlighted on the News page and Twitter feed, and in conjunction with The Country Seat’s Twitter feed.

There is no need to subscribe to this blog, i.e. be notified by email of new posts, because posts will only be created at the beginning of each calendar year.

For the ranking of houses for sale, priority is given to larger Grade I and II* listed houses, with less focus on recently built houses, unless they are of exceptional architectural quality or a cutting edge design. Deciding which are the ‘top’ houses is very subjective and personal, but generally is based on the size and style of the house, its listing grade, the size of the estate and the history of the house and its families. The price may not reflect these criteria, depending on its location relative to major cities and transport (e.g. houses closer to London usually are more expensive, whereas houses in the Scottish Highlands are less expensive).

Please comment on the current year’s list if you feel a worthwhile house, book, film or TV programme has been omitted, or if a house is significantly out of ranking order. The prior year’s posts will occasionally be updated retrospectively for items missed.

Cheers and happy reading,

Andrew Triggs


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