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22 Responses to Contact

  1. gary says:

    just for info, against the flats for sale from december there are several now not there following the links they do not exist, but I guess these would be updated when you post flats for sale january 2012 which i keenly await as that would be my only means of purchase ;).

    kind regards

  2. Antony Davis says:

    This is one of the most useful websites I’ve seen. To be able to search on Grade 1 and Grade 2*
    I find most useful.

    Thank you,


  3. Dr. E. Biron says:

    I agree that this site is a wonderful resource in regard to British lised Grade 1 & Grade 2 property currently on the property market for sale . Sadly since Decemeber it is now several months out of date and many links do not work or the properties mentioned have been sold. I do hope that this slip can soon be rectified as the service you offer is immensely valuable to the public and is appreciated.

  4. Hi there,

    I’m looking to source a location for a music video shoot and the brief I’ve been given is to find a heavily derelict mansion or former stately home somewhere in the north of England – ideally in the north east but that’s flexible.

    If you’re able to help with this in any way it’d be great to hear from you!

    Many thanks,


  5. Robert de Ceuster says:

    This is a revelation : everything that matters about the beautiful houses of Uk and ireland is here to see !
    Congratulations !


  6. Jim Mc Colm says:

    By the By. Blairquhan Castle and its 217 acre portion of the Blairquhan Estate was sold to Ganten Scotland Limited for a sum which of course differs from that stated here. The admirable Hunter Blair family retain much of the estate and numerous assets within their familiy land.

  7. bob says:

    Please update this fantastic website more often.

  8. Margaret says:

    Cell Park (aka Markyate Cell) was sold by Valerie Carr in 2005 for Β£4.5M by Savills. They can confirm this.

  9. david rogers says:

    Who now owns Bedgebury Manor?

  10. Mike McGarr says:

    Such a good site and enjoyable source of information would be really good if it could be updated re up for sale etc
    Some of the properties listings are very dated
    Suggest charging nominal fee would be taken up I feel sure.

    • BISH Editor says:

      Thanks, Mike. The ‘Houses for sale in 2014’ post is running a bit late and is due out soon. With probably only a few hundred regular readers, a nominal fee would not be sufficient for me to quit the day job, unfortunately!

  11. Really enjoy your site. Anxious for an update for 2014!

  12. Darrell Day says:

    Why is it so difficult to find proper video tours of the houses for sale. Many of the properties for purchase are going to be sold to people all over the world. Before flying to England I want to be able to see every room in the home, floor plans, videos etc.

    • BISH Editor says:

      Estate agents are slowly moving into the digital video world, but time, cost and security may limit this. Floor plans and extra interior photos are usually included in the online pdf-file brochure, but for bona fide potential purchasers more details may be available directly from the agent.

  13. Darrell Day says:

    Can anyone tell me why it is so difficult to get information on Apethorpe Hall? Is it sold? Brochure link does not work. No information on Savills website. Where does one go to actually get floor plans etc on the place.

    • BISH Editor says:

      Apethorpe Hall is technically no longer for sale via Savills because expressions of interest closed in September 2012, but negotiations continue as the house hasn’t yet been sold. Any one still seriously interested in purchasing it should contact English Heritage. Floor plans are still shown on Rightmove.

  14. Darrell Day says:

    lets have some new properties for 2015!!!

  15. Alison says:

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone had a copy of a photo of clonlost house, as I am finding it difficult to get a copy of the book referenced.

    Thank you!


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