Lost legend

Reason for loss codes (per Lost Heritage and adding ‘T’):

B = house destroyed by fire; where B is followed by a D, that denotes when the house was finally demolished
T = house burnt during ‘the Troubles’ (covering 1919-21, 1922-3 & 1968–98)
N = house demolished and replaced by a new house
P = a significant part of the house has been demolished
Pr = where the house was partially rebuilt or restored
S = it is a shell or ruins
A = abandoned
Su = surplus to requirements (ie. family had other houses or was no longer required by owners (the government etc))
D = date of final demolition – usually following partial demolition or fire
Du = urban development (replaced by housing estate, hospital, school)
Di = industrial development (replaced or blighted by industrial works, coal mining)
De = derelict (ie. had fallen into such a state of disrepair that there was either not the will or financial means to repair it)
Dw = wartime damage (either enemy action or through requisition) too severe to be economically repaired
Iw = insufficient wealth to maintain house – sometimes linked to conversion of stables to replace main house