Houses for sale in 2015

BISH100 – A list of the top 100 British and Irish stately homes for sale,
updated throughout the year, with additional news on Twitter (or search):
(click on house images to open the link to estate agent’s house photos & details)

Lyons House, County Kildare, Ireland  (Withdrawn)
€25m, 598 acres, 38k sq ft, Grade I, gardens listed, Georgian, built 1785 for 1st Baron Cloncurry by Oliver Grace, Knight Frank, brochure, Christie’s, press, video, Sherry FitzGerald, satellite, photos 2003, last sold 1996 to Tony Ryan for IR£3.5m (€4.4m) by Sir Michael Smurfit (bought 1990), privately for sale June 2009 for €80m, launched May 2010 €50m, May 2012 €40m (or €32m 300 acres) until Jul 2013, sale agreed Mar 2014 but fell through by Jun 2014, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Hawkstone Hall, Shropshire, England
(not Hawkstone Park being the neighbouring hotel & golf course)
£4.25m, 88 acres, 20k sq ft, Grade I, gardens Grade I, built from 1700 for Hill family, Barbers, brochure, Reeves & Partners, broch, website, satellite, last sold 1926 to Redemptorist Order by 1st
Baron Marchamley, launched 11 Jul 2012 £5m (until Oct 2014), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Mamhead House, Devon, England
£9.5m, 164 acres, 37k sq ft, Grade I, gardens Grade II*, built 1827-33 for Sir Robert Newman by Anthony Salvin, Strutt & Parker, brochure, website, events website, Twitter, satellite, aerial, Devon Life, Dawlish College 1964-88, last sold 2003/13, launched 17 Sep 2011 £8m, under offer Nov 2012, sold Jan 2013 to investors including Richard Fuller, re-launched Feb 2013 £8m, £9.5m Jan 2015, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Castle Oliver, County Limerick, Ireland
€2.95m, 15 acres, built 1845 for Oliver-Gascoigne family by George Jones, Grade I, gardens listed, Ganly Walters, brochure,
Former Glory, website, history, book, satellite, last sold 2006 to Emma & Declan Cormack by Nicholas Browne, launched 14 Feb 2013 via Knight Frank brochure until May 2013, Wiki.

Cairness House, Aberdeenshire, Scotland  (Withdrawn)
£2m, 16 acres, enlarged 1789-97 for Charles Gordon by James Playfair, Category A, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, satellite, website, a calendar house, Country Life images, last sold 2000, launched 11 May 2011 for £3m (£2m from Jun 2012), Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Howsham Hall, North Yorkshire, England
£4.25m, 83 acres, built 1610 for Sir William Bamburgh, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Knight Frank, Savills, brochure, website, School 1958-2007, last sold 2007 to David Pratt for £2m, restored by James Perkins of GL50, launched May 2009 for £6m, £5m from Sep 2010 when almost sold, was under offer May 2013 by Max Hilliard until late 2013, £5m to £4.25m Sep 2014, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Rainthorpe Hall, Norfolk, England
£2.95m, 18 acres, built from 1503, Grade I, gardens Grade II, Strutt & Parker, brochure, last sold 1993 to Suzy & Alastair Wilson by Hastings family, launched 25 Apr 2012, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Chapel Cleeve Manor, Somerset, England
(see Country House Rescue TV episode 4.2 aired 21 Jun 2012)
£1.595m, 7 acres, built from 1452, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Webbers, brochure, Fine & Country, website, satellite, last sold 1998 by Philip Stubbs to Jean Wilkins for £360,000, launched May 2010 £1.695m, Apr 2014 £1.595m, ‘sale agreed’ Jun 2014, Country Seat, Wiki.

Llanerchydol Hall, Powys, Wales
£1.5m, 73 acres, built 1776, Grade II*, gardens Grade II*, Savills, brochure, satellite, last sold c1986, launched Nov 2009 £2.85m, £2.45m until Sep 2011, £1.95m until Dec 2014, Country Seat, DiCamillo.

Burnham Westgate Hall, Norfolk, England
£5.75m, 38 acres (incl coach house £1.5m, walled garden £1.5m & lodge £0.45m), rebuilt 1785 for Thomas Pitt, 1st Baron Camelford by Sir John Soane, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, Sowerbys, satellite, press, last sold 1991 to Baroness Rawlings, launched 1 Jun 2011 £7m Savills until Mar 2012, £6.5m to Oct 2012, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Brogyntyn Hall, Shropshire, England  (Withdrawn)
£5m, 234 acres, 38k sq ft, Grade II*, Priority A on EH At Risk, gardens Grade II, built 1735/1815, Georgian, Greek Revival, Knight Frank, brochure, plans, photos, photos, photos, photos, last sold 2001 by Baron Harlech asking £5m with 1,445 acres to local developer, launched 20 Dec 2013 (or 14 lots, excl north park), withdrawn Jun 2014 while seeking planning permission to help its sale, Country Seat, DiCamillo, Wiki.

Courtown House, County Kildare, Ireland  (Sold)
€10.8m, 330 acres (+134 acres by sep neg), unlisted, gardens listed, Knight Frank, brochure, rented by John Huston in mid-1950s, last sold 1981 to Brendan O’Mahony, launched 2006 €120m 408 acres, 2011 €21m 433-acres, 2013 €10m 386-acres, sold Feb 2015.

Isfield Place, East Sussex, England
£6.95m, 187 acres, built 16th-17th centuries for Shurley family, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, Strutt & Parker, brochuresatellite, last sold Dec 2003 for £5m by Andrew Tillard (bought c1997) to Neil & Juliet Bellis and her sister Lucy Cummings – owners of Newick Park hotel and Erinaceous group, launched 19 Mar 2012 £9.5m, 311 acres, Wiki.

Invereil House, East Lothian, Scotland
£1.99m, 4 acres, built 1899 for golfer John E. Laidlay (born at nearby Seacliff House) by Peddie & Washington Browne, Category B, gardens unlisted, Strutt & Parker, brochure, Knight Frank, brochure, last sold c1993 to Johnston family, launched Jun 2011 £3m, Nov 2012 £2.25m until Oct 2013.

Rothes Glen House, Moray, Scotland
£1.39m, 10 acres, built 1893 for Edward Dunbar by Alexander Ross, formerly Birchfield House, Category B, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, Strutt & Parker, brochure, last sold 2004 to Soheila Bramwell, launched 14 Dec 2011 £1.45m, Country Seat.

Bradwell Lodge, Essex, England
£2m, 26 acres, built 15-16th centuries & 1785 south wing for Sir Henry Bate-Dudley by John Johnson, Grade II*, gardens unlisted, Knight Frank, brochure, Jackson-Stops, photos 2009, last sold 2008 (home 1939-71 Tom Driberg 1st Baron Bradwell),
launched 17 Apr 2012 £2.25m until Apr 2013, C Seat, DiCamillo.

Stanford Court, Worcestershire, England
£7m, 43 acres, Grade II, Winnington baronets C17-1949,
blog, launched by May 2013,

Park Place, Surrey, England
£16.5m, 15 acres, unlisted (TW20), Knight Frank, brochure, Savills, brochure, Aylesford, aerial, launched 6 Jul 2013 £20m until 20 Feb 2014.

Craigdarragh House, County Down, NI  (Sale Agreed)
£2m, 26 acres, built 1850 for Robert F. Gordon in the style of Charles Lanyon, Grade B1, gardens unlisted, Rodgers & Browne, brochure, satellite, photos, last sold c2002, launched Nov 2011, sale agreed Jan 2014 (but still not completed by Nov 2014).

Cricket Court, Somerset, England
£2.5m, 5 acres, built 1811 for Admiral Pitt, Grade II* folly, gardens unlisted, Savills, brochure, last sold to Alice Temperley 2010 asking £2.25m (owned by Lord Beaverbrook during WWII, then Tolstoy family to 1981), launched 29 Sep 2011, Wiki.

Ogle Castle, Northumberland, England
£1.5m, 5 acres, built 1341 & 16th century, hall block of former castle, one of the county’s oldest inhabited buildings, Grade I, gardens unlisted, Sanderson Young, B&B website, last sold 1985 to the Boanas family, launched Dec 2011 £1.795m until 2014, Country Seat, Wiki.

Note: Other houses from 2013 are to be transferred onto this list, along with:

Peplow Hall, Shropshire, England – £12.5m, 681 acres (or £5m, 102 acres), Grade II*, gardens not listed, estate, built 1725, enlarged 1887, reduced 1932-9, last sold c1984 to Baron Newborough, launched 2 Apr 2014, Wiki.

Nazeing Park, Essex, England – £10m, 68 acres, Grade II, launched 2009.

Carbisdale Castle, Highlands, Scotland (Under Offer) – £1.2m, 16 acres, Cat B, built 1906-17 for Mary, Duchess of SutherlandSavills, launched Aug 2014 by Scottish Youth Hostels Association, under offer Dec 2014 by Carbisdale Castle Ltd to become hotel, contents sold May 2015, sale subject to purchase of extra 56 acres from Forestry Commission Scotland/Forest Enterprise Scotland & successful objection against Braemore Wind Farm (effecting the Castle’s views) & hotel planning permission (incl 10-12 newly-built houses) (position as at Nov 2015).


Appuldurcombe House, Isle of Wight, England – £4.75m, 287 acres, Grade I, last sold 1987 to John Owen‘s parents, launched May 2015 for £6m until Nov, TV movie in 2015 on its history: The Scandalous Lady W, also for sale: Span Farm (£1.95m, 180 acres) and Appuldurcombe Gardens Holiday Park (£2.98m, 12 acres).

Planned New Builds (opportunities to build new approved houses):

Grafton New Hall, Cheshire, England – £5m, 180 acres, by Robert Adam, launched 2011.
Nutbourne Park, Surrey, England – £15m, 212 acres, Millgate Homes, launch 2010 £20m.
Parkwood House, Surrey, England – £30m, 77 acres, by Robert Adam, last sold c2011 with 91 acres (i.e. including Meadow Farm Cottage in 14 acres) and 2007, Country Seat.
Windlesham House, Surrey, England – £12m, 20 acres, launched May 2013.
Ballamona, Isle of Man – £30m, 112 acres, launched 7 May 2014.

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